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iOn Tablet:Price strategies and Channel
Matthew Barela, Rhonda Berdan, Maila Finch, Desilyn Forbes, Seyed Saboohi, Shailin Suthar
November 18, 2012
Armando Salas-Amaro

iOn Tablet:Price strategies and Channel As technology becomes more advance and more efficient, Ion will service the medical fields in Canada. This will allow the doctors as well as hospitals to save time and will save the medical community money in administrative cost. The advancement of the tablet will help the community to place all documents related to patients, billing, and several other things in the computer system. The tablet will be easily accessibility by nurses and related officials to being fast, easily held, and the maneuvering within a doctor’s office or a hospital. The iOn will help Canada medical field to achieve this objective.


Market Sustainability

Emerging technologies, particularly in the field of information and communications, are considered to be key drivers of future economic growth and present opportunities for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to attract foreign direct investment” (Global Research Study, 2011). Mobil technology sector is expected to revolutionize communications and business. The mobile applications market alone is expected to be US$58 billion worldwide business by 2014.The technology market is one of the hottest markets for Canada. The market has the infrastructure and strengths that support the technology development and supporting industries. In addition, Canada will be a great foreign investment opportunity because they lag behind for jurisdiction on mobile technology.

Market Trends

Over the past decade, India has come a long way from working for call centers and basic information technology jobs into a stronghold for technological innovation and production. The country’s focus has not necessarily been that of Western nations for exporting technology but for solving problems around the world. The development of a new tablet with innovative technology at an affordable price will provide the means to reach out to consumers all over the globe (Wadhwa, 2010). India’s growing infrastructure and economy will be boosted by yet one more notch in the country’s belt.

Worldwide development and advancements in the technology industry compiled with the ever changing world of medicine have left a void in the market that the Dell iON NotePad intends to fill. According to researchers, it is estimated that by 2015 tablet purchases will reach approximately 50 percent of laptop shipments with Windows 8 holding a steady third place behind Google's Android and Apple iOS operating systems. Dell will need to maintain a larger variety of form factors that will reduce the ability to standardize personal computer (PC) and tablet hardware (India Times, 2012). Canada’s technological and medical developments over the past few years as well as the future will significantly benefit from the use of the newly produced, affordable, fully loaded tablet.


The government entities within Canada are different from India. As a foreign company entering the country, a detail account of the government and the method to enter will determine the success of the company. Before the company enters the country, the company will have to review the International Standards Organization. This will be the most cost effective way to ensure the product is safe and reliable. After using the ISO, the Canadian government has two methods to enter the province. The first method would be to go to the province of choice. If the company wishes to go to a different province, the company will need to submit a permit to operate within the province; however, the best way for iOn to operate in Canada would be to go federally. Entering the Canada’s Business community, a company will need to review Canada Business Corporations Act, the act permits businesses to operate in all 10 provinces its cost effective because the company will not be bound by going to each province government to receive a permit to operate legally in Canada. The second permit to operate legally will be for the Industry Canada to review the company’s product. The company is responsible for providing certification and type approval of telecommunication equipment. The third major permit would be a review by the Electrical Safety Authority which certifies label for products, the Canadian standard Association approves the products and the products will receive the stamp to operate in Canada.


With the marketing of the iON NotePad to the Canadian healthcare industry, a variety of economic areas need to be analyzed in order to create a strong marketing plan that will take into account any shifts in the market based on the economy. Currently, the exchange rate of Indian rupees to Canadian dollars is 55:1. Costs of imported materials used in production have risen while the value of the rupee has fallen due to high inflation levels. This has put a lot of stress on the manufacturing sector in India. The organization needs to take these inflationary prices into consideration when purchasing materials for manufacture. If the NotePad can be manufactured by reducing costs in other areas it can potentially be priced at budget tablet prices while still offering quality.
Many electronic manufacturers in India have been affected by the rising inflation, but are still determined to invest into their companies because of the strong growth experienced (Arora, 2012). This continued investing may be a risk if the returns are not strong, so the company will have to be mindful and observe market trends frequently in both India and Canada. India’s current focus is on improving the inflation situation to bring it to stability as well as promoting liquidity in the market so as to boost growth in productive sectors. Stabilizing the inflation will lead to stabilization in costs and will encourage positive growth in the market (Subbarao, 2012).
Canada is also focused on a monetary policy to control inflation. The Canadian Parliament believes that inflation is the only major factor that can be controlled, so by stabilizing market prices confidence in monetary value increases and spending habits remain steady (Ragan, 2007). With consistent increases in technology in the healthcare industry in conjunction with monetary policy efforts, the iON NotePad will have the opportunity to make it into the hands of healthcare professionals while increasing market growth in the manufacturing sector in India.

Innovation and Technology

Due to the advances in the technological market, our product and organization can reach a higher plateau. Innovation and implementation of sophisticated technology has increased the awareness and demand for products such as ours. Canada is one of the few countries that provides free healthcare for its residents. Canadian residents are able to receive free health care and reduced prescription costs. There is conversion in progress for many hospitals and physician facilities to change to electronic health record (EHR). EHR will not only cut down on costs of materials such as paper but also implement a more efficient way for patient record keeping. Our tablet will provide the healthcare industry with a cheap alternative for record keeping so the remaining funds can be used in other departments.

The emergence of mobile devices and the dependence on mobile data will be helpful for our product, as its niche suffices those needs. The border shared between the United States and Canada is to our advantage, as exporting our product there will cost less when compared to other international markets. Technology is ever changing and with the help of all available resources we will keep improving our product to best fit the needs of our clients and consumers.

Social and demographic

These days immigration in on the rise for many reasons, no more borders are holding people back as many people are on the move in search of their dreams and a better life. Canada is no exception in this movement as it is one country that welcomes people from all over the world. Today two-third of Canadian population growth happens through immigration (Cohen, 2012). A business by entering such diverse market must understand the importance targeting this group by understanding the need of such group, as embracing diversity will follow growth and success.

Marketing to such heterogeneous culture obviously is not business as usual, we know from studies that organizations with people of different backgrounds and experience have shown to be more innovative, creative, and result oriented, as people with different experiences and backgrounds would be more capable of presenting solutions to different problems than those who think similarly, marketing of a product to such group also requires thinking differently, and requires understanding of the cultures. Managers must be understanding and sensitive to the need and wants of this diverse group. Therefore cross-cultural sensitivity in managing the marketers will give an advantage the firm in presenting the products. The cost of recruiting and training such managers will be negligent when compared with the benefits such training will bring to the company.



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