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Pomelatto and Mass Customization Assignment

After checking the Italian jeweler Pomellato's website and doing some research about what the company has been doing in terms of mass customization, a few worth mentioning points can be made: Italian jeweler Pomellato is revitalizing the image of three of its classic ring designs with art-house films meant to display the brand’s emotion and dedication to creativity. Pomellato’s “Icon Movies” film series pays homage to the jeweler’s Nudo, Capri and Sabbia collections and shows both the personality of the filmmaker and his subject. Outsourcing creative initiatives to young talent can help a brand acquire new enthusiasts by positioning its products in front of younger consumers. Paula Rosenblum, managing partner at RSR Research, Boston, thinks that it is all about keeping the imagery of the jewelry timeless, yet up-to-date. In the case of Nudo, for example, you have fresh talent with echoes of Madonna and the Rolling Stones, which is pretty contemporary to Pomellato’s beginnings. In its own way, in Capri, we see a lot of similar concepts, a memory of past special moments with the ring as the reminder; all interpreted by young, interesting talent.

Finally, in Sabbia, we seem to go all the way back to the start of the universe and a reminder that matter existed long before we, as human beings, did, and likely will go on after us. Ms. Rosenblum, an industry expert, stated that Pomelatto, acquired by luxury conglomerate Kering, in 2013, did not respond by press deadline. Instead, when it comes to creative means, Pomellato began teasing the Icon Movies on its Facebook in order to garner anticipation among its followers. Also, during Milan Fashion Week, the jeweler unveiled the three art-house films with an exclusive event, but did not share the videos with its followers. Instead, Pomellato posted a gallery of 24 images showing the event space, revelers and displays featuring the Nudo, Capri and Sabbia rings. To show the atmosphere at the event, Pomellato also shared a video that shows slight previews of the three art-house films directed by Francesco Carrozzini, Pierluigi Ferrandini, Filippo Silvestris and Alex Tacchi. For enthusiasts who have been awaiting the release of the three films, Pomellato included a link to its Website, where the films can then be viewed on Facebook. Pomellato’s Nudo ring short film was directed by Mr. Carrozzini, who was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando. The film shows a man smoking a cigarette and in the beginning stages of undressing, as a female narrator speaks about the promises men make to women. The viewer then becomes aware that the man is really a woman as she peels back an adhesive mustache and lets her hair out from under a hat. As the woman transforms in front of a lighted-mirror, the camera focuses on the three Nudo rings she is wearing.

Next, fans can watch Mr. Ferrandini and Mr. Silvestri’s Capri film, inspired by the color of the sky, the Mediterranean Sea of Capri Island and the nostalgia of childhood memories. The short film begins with a woman sailing toward the shore in a boat. As the boat gets closer to the shore, the film switches from a young girl to the adult who wears a ring and necklace from the Capri collection. The video continues as she walks up to her house, enters the kitchen and sits on the terrace, while the film reverts to the young girl through the woman’s memories. Pomellato’s third short film for the Sabbia collection was filmed by Mr. Tacchi who was inspired by the universe, both near and far. The film takes the viewer inside the sands of an hourglass as the narrator speaks of an individual’s purpose in the grander scheme of the universe. The hourglass sand accumulates as it pours from the sky and the pieces of black sand and cut black diamonds compress to become a globe. Next, the remaining particles spin around the globe before the camera dives inside the sphere where the particles reform into a Sabbia ring. Each video also includes a “More” plus sign icon that opens a window where the consumer can learn more about the filmmakers showcased in Icon Movies. With this idea of mass customization and value creation, it is possible to affirm that brands often bring in outside creativity to give a fresh spin on identity and increase awareness. Therefore, tapping young filmmakers for campaigns can recreate the DNA of a brand for the next generation. To support this statement, Ms. Rosenblum said that Pomellato gets enhanced in a new light, and it enhances its separate DNA, which is very important, given its acquisition by the Kering group. In addition, she also thinks that it will be critical to continue building that notion, once there is a changing of the guard in the owners of disposable income. It is also important to keep in mind that as the boomers slow down, it is essential to continue freshening luxury brands if the goal is to remain competitive in the market.…...

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