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Platform of the Russian Social Democratic Party

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Platform of the Russian Social Democratic Party, 1903

The Social Democratic Party was formed in 1898 in Minsk and their main goal was for there to be a revolution of the urban working class (the proletariat) against the tsarist rule. The Social Democrats hoped to get rid of capitalism and class exploitation. In 1903, their party was broken into two groups: the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks (headed by Lenin). The Mensheviks didn’t think that Russia was read for a revolution, but the Bolsheviks believed that a successful revolution could be achieved at anytime as long as there was proper planning. Even though the Social Democratic Party was split, there were together for their 1903 platform which included their Marxist views on class, capitalism, and revolution, and their short term goals that should have led to true communism. In their platform, they say that the reason why the proletariat suffers so much is capitalism. The poor majority is forced to work for the rich minority that has control of the production and exchange of goods. As technology advances, the rich big companies knock the smaller independent companies out of business. The people from those companies have to join the proletariat and start working for the large companies in order to survive in the bourgeois society. Also, better technology means that fewer people are actually need to make things work. The growing population of the working class then have fewer jobs available to them and end up becoming even more dependant on the bourgeoisie. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is constantly increasing. It then goes on to say that the working class will get very frustrated that the state of things. They will join together and decide that they aren’t just going to let themselves be exploited anymore and they will make social revolution a possibility. Social revolution, says the Social…...

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