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Compare and Contrast Photosynthesis and Solar Cell Technology
Introduction to Biology SCI 115
Strayer University

The plants ability to utilize photosynthesis plays an integral part in everyday life. The way plants are able to interact with the environment, take “waste” and convert it into oxygen is nothing short of amazing. Through ingenuity and technological advancement, human beings have been able to almost replicate this amazing feet. Solar cells are able to absorb light energy to energize electrons. While the end product may be different, solar cells and photosynthesis both utilize light energy for application. Solar cells and photosynthesis are very similar in how the utilize light energy. The purpose of both the solar cell and photosynthesis is to harness light energy and convert it into usable form. In a solar cell sunlight is absorbed by a semi-conductor. In plants “the pigments within the thylakoid membranes absorb solar (radiant) energy” (Mader, 2009). It is in this instant that both a solar cell and a photosynthetic plant are at its most similar. From here the solar cell converts the solar energy to electricity while, through photosynthesis, the plant produces oxygen as it uses water and carbohydrates to grow and survive. The process of the conversion of light energy and certain characteristics of both photosynthesis and solar cell technology are the similarities that these two share. Once light energy has entered the differences come into play. Solar cells produce the electricity as the light reacts with the silicone in the solar cell. The electron movement between two silicone cells create an electric current. With photosynthesis we are dealing with a living organism. Solar energy has more of a play in the chlorophyl production and the process of photosynthesis. In plants this use of solar energy is used to allow…...

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