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Would personality differences disappear if men and women were complete equals in the workforce? I believe if personality differences were to disappear in the workplace, complete gender equality must be branded on the individual first. But, complete gender equality is shunned away from society because of these four theories: Strength theory, Compatibility with Childcare theory, Economy of Effort and Expendability theory. These theories are the division lines for labor and are the deciding factors for gender equality. The three theories I have listed above are also the separation between male and female roles in workplaces. For example, the Strength theory, which states that men are generally stronger than women, can be used against a women in terms of not being capable to move large amounts of equipment, while a man of the same physical characteristics would be looked more upon for his capability to move the equipment and further segregating occupations. Women are more likely to apply themselves to secondary subsistence jobs, such as shopping and preparing food, and with this likelihood of subsistence jobs female personalities are preconceived as fragile because of the gender roles that have been applied on society for hundreds of years and have now been molded into their occupation approach. My opinion is that the workplace shapes our personalities, and with the workplace shaping our personalities I believe that complete gender equality would alter gender personality differences. Furthermore, I do not expect differences in gender personalities to absolutely disappear with workplace equality, but I do expect a higher status for women whom occupy primary subsistence jobs, as before, it remained an infrequent occurrence.
Gender equality is not accepted everywhere. For example, women are generally not allowed to participate in military combat or even planning of…...

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