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Foundations of Marketing Theory


Trimester 3, 2010

Lecturer and Course Coordinator: Penny Crittall

Group 11:
Ruth Hartmann Siu Wai Da Wang Xiao Wen

Marketing Plan for Peg-It

[pic] patent pending

Name: Ross Merkel
Business name: Ground breaker Pty Ltd ABN:
Telephone: +61 419336847 Email: niigrkfil^bigpQinLcQiiLau Internet: Date: Prepared: November, 2010
Executive Summary

This marketing plan has been prepared by Group 11,comprised of post-graduate students of the University of Newcastle undertaken as part of the requirements of the Foundations of Marketing course, for Ross Merkel the inventor of Peg-It.
Group 11 conducted a situation analysis involving a review of internal and external environments that could impact on the marketability of Peg-It and have identified opportunities for the company to improve customer awareness and market position for Peg-It in the next year. Despite a decrease in the amount of time people spend on recreation and outdoor activities in Australia there has been a contrasting increase in weekly expenditure on recreation and camping equipment. In line with this trend and based on strategic directives it is expected that sales for Peg-It will increase by 30%in the next year. Corresponding with this increase, an improved market share will enable a potential return of investment.

Marketing objectives and strategy are outlined below:


1. Aim to achieve a 35% customer awareness of Peg-It in the camping and outdoor recreation market within the next twelve months.

2. Increase qualified website traffic by 30% in the next six months and a further 50% in the following twelve months. 3. Strive for a 30% increase in market acceptance and sales of Peg-It over next 12 months.…...

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