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(Note: Information in italics is background information for you as you answer the questions. There is not a need to respond directly to this background information in your analysis.)

• What is your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)?

o Explain why it is the “best” alternative. What are some other possible alternatives? o How acceptable your BATNA is to you? What are the implications of this acceptability for the way you approach this negotiation? o Remember that the ideal BATNA: ▪ Does not require the negotiation counterpart’s participation or permission. ▪ Is a “sure thing” or very close to it. o Specifically in a case (but not in real life), a BATNA cannot include asking a third party to do something they have not yet done. (The third party is not going to appear in class; therefore, you won’t be able to ask them.)

• Does it seem (initially) that one party is more dependent on getting a deal than the other party is? If so, what are the implications of this potential imbalance?

• Decide what the relevant issues are that you want to negotiate.

o List the issues. (Attempt to avoid one-issue negotiations.) o Set your priorities. (Rank them or group them.)

• Choose resistance point(s) and target point(s) for quantitative issues. The resistance points should be based on the BATNA.

o Note: Sometimes you have resistance points for specific issues. (For example, you may have a time deadline regardless of how attractive the price might be). Other times, you have one overall resistance point. (For example, there might be multiple issues, but each can clearly be calculated to have a value in the same “currency,” often in money.)

• Choose an opening offer that…...

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