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1. New products fail at a very high rate, often greater than 75%. Demonstrate a graduate-level response that communicates your indepth rationale that accounts for why so many products fail upon their introduction. Based on this, to what should marketers be sensitive when introducing a product that is new to the market?
2. You are the media planner for an advertising agency, responsible for the placement of your client's ads in various media. Your client's product is a "smart" robotic lawnmower (Robo-mower) that one can easily "program" to cut a home lawn. Robo-mower will only cut grass within its programmed area and it will avoid flower beds, rocks, sidewalks, etc., while you sit in the hammock, enjoying the summer! An emergency "cut-off" switch brings it to a full stop in one-quarter of a second.
Select four (4) advertising media that you would consider for an ad placement and indicate THREE (3) advantages and THREE (3) disadvantages of those that you select for advertising the Robo-mower.

For an ad placement for the Robo-mower I would suggest choosing to do a print advertising, outdoor advertising and broadcast advertising. Print advertising is the most popular medium of all. With print advertising, the company can utilize different options like fliers and promotional brochures, which are known to reach the markets with great effectiveness. The probable disadvantage of this medium is the fact that depending on the geographical terrains, it may not always reach its planned receivers on time and generally has the assumption that its potential market can already read and write.
The use of outdoor advertising utilizes such aspects as billboard, tradeshows, kiosks and events. This medium of advertising is great as marketers are able to utilize various techniques and tools so as to attract potential customers outdoors. Billboards are great sources to advertise the…...

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