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Rockefeller Case Study 1. How would you evaluate Rockefeller in terms of his motive, his managerial ability, and his ethics? What lesson does his career teach about the relationship between virtue and success?
Rockefeller had great motive he saw the demand for oil and build a company and fortune around it. He managed his business well and really put an emphasis on efficiency and responsibility but was ruthless and unfair to competitors getting huge discounts on shipping and other mediums he drove out his competition so he was very unethical in that sense. I think Rockefeller was a good businessman but reading about him showed how you don’t have to have virtue to be a success you can be ruthless and underhanded and still ascertain your wealth.
2. How did the environment of the Standard change in the early 1900s? What deep historical forces are implicated in these changes?
The Sherman anti-trust law came about, the source of all American antimonopoly laws and by 1890 standard oil controlled about 88% of the oil industry so they were immediately targeted by 1904 they controlled 91%. The Sherman Antitrust laws finally came into effect and the company was broken up in 1911

3. What were the impacts of the oil trade on society in major dimensions of the business environment, that is, economic, cultural, technological, natural, governmental, legal, and internal?
It really changed the business environment because it brought up issues of fair business practices and company’s having a monopoly over an industry. It did help our economy in some senses it was so efficient it lowered oil prices due to its unfair shipping rates and virtually having no competition. It controlled the market and its prices and since there was such a high demand the profits were through the roof. It was found to have made secret dealings, own hidden railroads, able to unfairly manipulate…...

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