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Servant Leadership Comparison Paper Natalie Duel-Gonzalez Indiana Wesleyan University

Advanced Micro Devices, inc.(2010)Annual Report. Retrieved from responsibility/Pages/information.aspx
Robbins, S.P. & Coulture, M. (2009). Management (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Russell, R. (2000). The role of values in servant leadership. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 22(2), 76-83
Russell, R.,& Stone, G.(2002). A Review of servant leadership attributes: developing a practical model. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 3(23). Doi:10.1108/01437730210424084

Servant Leadership is a theory for organizational leadership. This idea or concept was founded by Robert Greanleaf back in the 1970's. (Robbins & Coutire, 2000) Servant Leadership is different because it develops employees to bring out the best in them; these leaders facilitate personal growth amongst their employees. Their focus is to meet the needs of those they are working with. These leaders listen to their employees and find a solution to their needs and build a sense of community amongst everyone. “Greenleaf envisioned a servant leader as one who facilitates achievement of a shared vision via the personal development and empowerment of followers. This concept of servant leadership emphasized the interests, development, and empowerment of followers in order to achieve a shared vision.”(Russell, R. 2000). This philosophy has been adopted and practiced by many managers over a long period of time. The servant leader devotes him or her to serving the needs of their employees. Their goal is to develop those whom follow to bring out the best in them. Servant leadership is looked at as being effective because the needs of their…...

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