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Musik I Undergrundsbanen

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Musik i Undergrundsbanen

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Det er en efterårsmorgen i London og begyndelsen af en ny arbejdsdag for Taiken Mikkola. Sammen med millioner af andre mennesker går den 18-årige finne ned i undergrundsbanen for at begynde på dagens arbejde. Men lige så snart Mikkola er komet ned på undergrundsbanens perron, trækker han en trompet frem og er allerede på arbejde. Det er hårdt arbejde både for fødderne og stoltheden, men Mikkolas humør synes ikke at tage skade. ”London er det bedste sted” siger han, idet han betragter passagernes ansigter. Man kan ikke tjene penge i New York eller Paris’ undergrundsbaner, men londonernes holdning til de unge er meget venlig. På en 10 timers arbejdsdag kan Mikkola tjene så meget som £ 30. Ideen er ikke bare Mikkolas. For at kunne overleve og hver dag være i stand til at købe lidt brød hos bageren og lidt kød hos slagteren, spiller mere end 500 unge musikanter fra hele verden i Londons undergrundsbane. De spiller alt fra guitar til harpe. Mikkola og mange af disse udlændinge tilbringer årets kolde måneder i undergrundbanens varme. Men det er ikke nok at kunne synge og spille. Man skal have en skuespillers evne til at uskyldig ud, hvis betjentene dukker op. Taiken Mikkola har besluttet at blive i England i tre år, derefter ved han ikke hvad han skal lave. Det er mange unge menneskers situation i dag. På grund af arbejdsløshed føler de sig rastløse og uden fremtid.

Engelsk Version:
It is a fall morning in London and the beginning of a new work day for Taiken Mikkola. Together with millions of other people, the 18-year old Finn walks down to the Underground to start the day’s work. But as soon as Mikkola comes down on the Underground’s platform, he drags his trumpet out and is already at work. ¨ It is hard work for both the feet and the pride, but it does not seem to harm Mikkola’s mood. “London is the best place” he tells, as he watches the passengers faces. You can not earn money in the Underground of New York or Paris, but the Londoners attitude towards the young people is very friendly. On a 10 hours work day Mikkola can earn as much as £ 30. The idea is not only Mikkola’s. To be able to survive and buy a little bit of bread at the bakery and a bit of meet at the butcher everyday, more than 500 young musicians from all over the world play in London’s Underground. They play everything from the guitar to the harp. Mikkola and many of these foreigners spend the coldest months in the heat from the Underground. But it is not enough to sing and play. You must have an actors talent to look innocent, if the police show up. Taiken Mikkola has decided to stay in England in three years, afterwards he does not know what to do. That is many young peoples’ situation today. Because of unemployment they feel restless and without a future.…...

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