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Most Significan Female Athlete

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Most Significant Female Athlete

Mia Hamm was a colligate and professional soccer player from 1987-2004. She was born in Selma, Alabama and was inspired to play sports from her older brother. Starting soccer at a very young age she was a standout; Playing for the US Women’s National Team at fifteen. Flourishing in soccer, she played for a Division 1 College program. While playing for North Carolina Tar Heals she had to take time off from the school in 1991 to play in the Women’s FIFA World Cup. Mia was the youngest soccer player to participate in such great events. Being such an achieved athlete paved the way for her. While she holds the record for the most professional goals scored in both male and female soccer she ranks second in most games played. Her name and persona is so big to the sport she is actually the silhouette for the Women’s Professional Soccer League. Mia set the bar for greatness in female soccer and has yet to have someone step to her level.
Mia wasn’t and isn’t just a big name on the field; Off She operates and funds the largest bone marrow and cord blood transplant foundation. The Mia Hamm Foundation, is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for families in need of a marrow or cord blood transplant. Not only that but it creates the development of more opportunities for young women to participate in sports. Mia has made herself the most prominent female soccer player yet and created one of the largest organizations to help families with cord blood, and marrow transplants. While this is only a few pieces of the achievements Mia has done she still has plenty more and plenty more time to do more great things; That is why Mia Hamm is the most significant female athlete.…...

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