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Case #2 - Victoria's Secret PINK
Question #1.
How do you feel about the potential exposure of young girls to PINK?
As a customer of Victoria's Secret I do like the PINK brand and the merchandise it offers, but as a mother of two young girls ( 9 and 11 years) I don't agree that young girls (tweens) should be exposed to the VS's PINK brand. Even though the brand is very appealing and advertised as cute and playful I believe that some of the merchandise are very explicit and too sexy for tweens. There are many items in the PINK brand that younger girls can wear but some are more appropriate for adult women. The company classifies the brand as "loungewear" that is young, hip and casual. There are quite a few items, especially panties that are definitely not casual. They are made of lace and barely have any material that covers the body. They look very controversial. Some panties also have wording that various customers may interpret differently, wording such as "tonight's the Night" on front of the panties, or "Have Fun" on the back of the panties. The PINK merchandise shown on the VS website and in the catalogs is advertised by younger models that are posing very sexy and revealing. Their looks are not for young girls to look at. The young customers will look up to the models and try to look like them and that's not right as the tween girls are too young to be exposed to such a provocative advertising ( These types of merchandise are definitely not for young girls. I do agree that the brand should be geared toward 18-30 year old women. At that age the woman understands the products she purchases and can make better choices. The clothes that customers wear are reflections of who they are and other people may judge the customer by the clothes she wears. Young girls that wear PINK may be perceived to be older than they actually are. As a mother I…...

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