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Admissions Procedures
At MIT, a regular graduate student is one who is registered for a program of advanced study and research leading to a post-baccalaureate degree. A regular graduate student may concurrently hold an appointment as a research assistant, teaching assistant, or instructor. To be admitted as a regular graduate student, an applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a college, university, or technical school of acceptable standing. Students in their final year of undergraduate study may be admitted on the condition that their bachelor’s degrees are awarded before they enroll at MIT. Applicants are evaluated by the individual department in which they intend to register on the basis of their prior performance and professional promise, as evidenced by their academic records, letters of evaluation from individuals familiar with their capabilities, and any other pertinent data they submit. While high academic achievement does not guarantee admission, MIT expects such achievement or other persuasive evidence of professional promise. Specific admission requirements vary by department; please consult the catalogue and department or program website for the requirements of individual departments. In general, most departments require significant work in mathematics and the physical sciences in addition to preparation in a specific field of interest, but some admit students with as little as one year each of college-level mathematics and physical science. Students with minor deficiencies in preparation may be admitted, but they must make up prerequisite general or professional subjects before proceeding. Notification of admission for September is usually sent to applicants before April 1. Most departments inform applicants for January/February and June admission as soon as the review of their applications is complete. For…...

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...2. Ajoutez des fichiers manuellement en cliquant sur la touche Ajout de fichiers située en haut à droite de la page principale, puis sélectionnez les fichiers que vous souhaitez ajouter (Fig. 5a et 5b). Fig. 5a Fig. 5b Page 6 QUICK START GUIDE Einleitung Willkommen bei SanDisk SecureAccess™! SanDisk SecureAccess ist eine schnelle, einfache Methode, wichtige, sensible Dateien auf einem SanDisk® USB-Flash-Laufwerk zu speichern und zu schützen. Sie erstellen einen privaten Tresor und legen Ihre wertvollen Dateien per Drag&Drop einfach dort ab. Der Zugriff auf Ihren Tresor erfolgt über ein von Ihnen eingerichtetes Kennwort, und Ihre Dateien werden automatisch verschlüsselt. Das heißt, selbst wenn Sie Ihr SanDisk USB-Laufwerk mit anderen gemeinsam benutzen oder es verloren geht oder gestohlen wird, sind Ihre Dateien sicher aufgehoben. Wenn es um den Schutz Ihrer privaten Dateien geht, können Sie sich auf SanDisk® verlassen! Unterstützte Betriebssysteme  Windows® XP  Windows Vista®  Windows® 7  Windows® 8  Mac OS® X v10.5+ Erforderliche Hardware:  USB-Port  SanDisk USB-Flash-Laufwerk Erste Schritte Schließen Sie Ihr SanDisk® USB-Flash-Laufwerk an einen Computer an. Doppelklicken Sie anschließend auf die ausführbare Datei SanDiskSecureAccessV2_win.exe, um die Software SanDisk SecureAccess™ auszuführen (Abb. 1). (Bei einigen Computern müssen Sie möglicherweise das Verzeichnis „Computer“ öffnen, um das angeschlossene Laufwerk zu sehen.) Abb.......

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...Nurses play a vital role in health care settings. There are long discussions regarding the competencies of baccalaureate-degree level and associate degree or diploma level. Both ADN’s and BSN nurses can work as registered nurses, but there are differences in their competencies. Nursing went through many evolutionary process of formal education. Florence Nightingale, Mary Adelaide Nutting bought revolutionary changes in nursing with the importance of education. Following Word war-II due to acute shortage of nurse, Mildred Montag created 2 year associate degree in nursing. It was a temporary solution and ADN‘s were working as “technical nurses” . As it was less expensive and short period of study to become registered nurse, it became popular. ADN’s mainly focused on secondary settings, community hospitals and long term care facilities. Why we need nurses to obtain BSN degree? As needs of our patients are changing, to overcome health care setting as it is shifting from hospital centered inpatient to primary and preventing care in community. BSN degree level nurses has adequate knowledge and skills .The baccalaureate degree is more detailed course of 4 year which mainly focuses on critical thinking, leadership , management and community nursing. American Nurses Association has considered BSN degree as basic education level to get started into nursing practice (ANA 1965). Several researches show that the level of education plays an important role in optimal......

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