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Methods of Assessing Weight

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Methods of assessing weight
Bmi (body mass index)
Body fat analysis: skinfold measurements, bioelectrical impedance, underwater weighting.
Waist/hip ratio (body fat distribution)

Nature vs. Nature
Is the cause of obesity in your genes or in your environment?
Hunger /appetite- can be genetically triggered or just due to “habit”
Ability to store body fat has genetic components and can be affected by environment
Metabolism- mostly genetic but can be altered by exercise and muscle mass

Hunger vs. appetite
Hunger- physiological reaction to the lack of food
Appetite- psychological/social reasons for eating

Mechanisms affecting hunger
Vagus nerve –nerves in the lining of the stomach that send message to hypothalamus gland in the brain to signal satiety (feeling of the fullness) during eating
Hormones- insulin, growth hormone, sex hormones all trigger hunger
Nutrients- all nutrients have a biochemical mechanism telling us to eat when they are lacking.

Factors affecting appetite
Emotional issues, loneliness, boredom etc.,=.
Social events
Factors triggering the psychological and physiological mechanisms
These factors can increase or decrease our desire to eat for physical and emotional reasons
Stress, disease, temperature Why is it hard to lose weights?
Your body wants to store fat and tries to keep it. It’s a biological defense mechanism against starvation

Set point theory
This theory states that everyone has a genetically determined weight or body
Content and your body will try to defend against attempts to change Fat cell theory
This theory states that people are born with a certain number

Managing weight
Successful weight loss is not just measured in pounds lost but also in keeping that weights off for at least 2 years
This definition of success give commercial weight loss programs a…...

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