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Mcdonald's Seniors Restaurant

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Marketing Principles and Practices: Assignment

Case #1

McDonald’s “Seniors” Restaurant

Topics covered – * Evaluate Lisa Aham’s current strategy regarding senior citizens. * Does this strategy improve this McDonald’s image? * What should she do about the senior citizen market – that is, should she encourage, ignore, or discourage her seniors? * What should she do about the bingo idea? Explain.

Evaluate Lisa Aham’s current strategy regarding senior citizens.
Key themes of the current strategy are * Monthly breakfast special for seniors leading to increased number of older customers, turning them into regular patrons. * Employees are super friendly to seniors and have developed close relationships with them. * While McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant, growing customer base is ‘non fast food’ clientele.

SWOT Analysis
* Increase in customer base because of the special breakfast offer for seniors. * Customer Loyalty - senior customers have become regular patrons. * Great customer relationships - friendly employees. * In sync with McDonald's corporate philosophy to be friendly and to give back to the communities it serves. * Most senior customers come during the morning slow hours and leave before the noon crowd comes in. * Senior customers are friendly and clean up after themselves before they leave.

Weaknesses * Senior customers spend similar to an average customer but use facilities for much longer. * While McDonald's is positioned as a fast food restaurant, the senior customer segment behaves differently and lingers on like at a European style restaurant creating an image conflict for McDonald's. * Unlimited coffee refills for seniors. * Old people reputation.

Opportunities * Better engage regular senior customers by organizing activities like Bingo. * Bingo…...

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