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Noel O’Brien
Ms. Phillips
Understanding Mass Media
Project 3: Advertising Survey 1) How many ads of all types/media did you see and in what media did you see them?
On the 23rd of March I believe I encountered about 40 advertisements through various outlets through the day. I viewed ads on Television, on the internet, in a magazine as well as I heard them on my car radio. While 40 may seem steep, this is what I believe to be the average amount of ads I am exposed to daily without even realizing it. 2) Which ones did you find most effective and why? Did any of them “work” on you?
The ads that had a somewhat effect on me where the ones that showed the effects of tobacco smoke. As a person who has recently quit smoking, this only further reinforced my belief that I have made the right decision. Another ad that gained my attention was a commercial for a restaurant that advertised hamburgers and bottomless fries. As I enjoy good food, this commercial drew me in. 3) Which ones did you find least effective and why?
The commercials that I found least effective were lottery commercials and that commercial with the two kids and the Doritos bag. The reasons behind this is that I find the lottery to be a poor tax, a game that almost no one can win. The Doritos commercial bothers me because it shows to obnoxious young lads being insolent to their mother. From my standpoint, there is nothing more off-putting than disrespectful children. Therefore, these ads did not “work” for me. 4) Your personal reflections on media advertising and how it works.
My thoughts on media advertising is that it is trying to get you to think a certain way or to buy a product. While in a capitalist society where the masses are fair game, many commercials do not get through. Or maybe they do, say if there is an annoying jingle from a radio commercial stuck in your head;…...

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