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Magazine Research Assignment-the Vogue Living Australia

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The Vogue Living Australia

Background Information
Vogue Living Australia is a bi-monthly magazine with six issues per year covering the latest in interior decorating, design, architecture, innovative products, gardening and antiques. Vogue Living has been the dependable authority in the home and interiors sector since 1967, and consistently leading the interior magazine in Australia. (Roy Morgan Reasearch, 2006)

We are using Vogue Living Australia June/ July 2003 for this assignment, which consist of 200 pages, cover to cover. The magazine is in full colour and using typical magazine paper material. The original price for this magazine is AUD $ 8.50 which is around RM 24. However since we bought a back dated issue, it only cost us RM 5.

Statistics shows the circulation of Vogue Living is increasing from 41,570 in June 2008 to 43,664 in 2009. (mUmBRELLA, 2009) The latest audit by ABC in June 2010 shows that the circulation is increasing to 43,758 with 164,000 of readership. Their target audience is affluent females, aged 25–54, who seek out the beautiful things in life for their home. (Roy Morgan Reasearch, Vogue Living, 2010)

Vogue Living is a magazine that offers inspiration and fresh ideas. Vogue Living reports on international trends which thinking globally and acting locally and appeals to the tastes of every reader with a combination of romantic and hard-edged; traditional and contemporary; minimal and maximal; masculine and feminine. (Vogue Living Subscription)

This magazine striving to tell stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together myriad influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a provate and compelling world. (Roy Morgan Reasearch, Vogue Living, 2010)

Starting in June 2010, Vogue Living has come out with a new direction which focusing on the people’s experience of food as a source of entertainment and socializing. It changed the monthly title which has always been a magazine about interiors, design, art, architecture and decorating, include editorial content on new bars and restaurants, hotels and travel destinations. (B & T Today, 2010)

David Clark, the editor of Vogue Living stated that “Vogue Living continues to be the magazine that it was, but is now much more. We have a unique perspective into the design world and design remains, I believe, one of the most important cultural discussions we can have. Design is everywhere. It remains a core element of the Vogue Living philosophy and holistically infuses the new content of the magazine.” (Roy Morgan Reasearch, Vogue Living, 2010)

Percentage of advertisement VS Total page

Total Advertisement: 75 pages
Total pages: 200 pages
= 37.5%

Products advertised on the magazine

Products Ads Percentage (%)
Furniture 12 17.1
Furniture Fabric 9 12.9
Flooring 8 11.4
Rugs and Carpets 5 7.1
Kitchen Appliances 4 5.7
Blinds 4 5.7
Home Collection 3 4.3
Vehicles 3 4.3
Household linen 3 4.3
Glassware 2 2.9
Hand watch 2 2.9
Window shutter 2 2.9
Roofing 1 1.4
Living room Appliances 1 1.4
Laundry Appliances 1 1.4
Beauty Products 1 1.4
Golf Resort 1 1.4
Real Estate Agency 1 1.4
Tap and sinks 1 1.4
Kitchen Worktop 1 1.4
Interior Design Course 1 1.4
Attic Ladder 1 1.4
Bathroom ware 1 1.4 paint 1 1.4
Curtain 1 1.4
Total 70 100

Pie Chart for Product Category

Relevance of advertisement to the magazine

Products Relevance
Furniture Yes
Furniture Fabric Yes
Flooring Yes
Rugs and Carpets Yes
Kitchen Appliances Yes
Blinds Yes
Home Collection Yes
Vehicles No
Household linen Yes
Glassware Yes
Hand watch No
Window shutter Yes
Roofing Yes
Living room Appliances Yes
Laundry Appliances Yes
Beauty Products No
Golf Resort No
Real Estate Agency Yes
Tap and sinks Yes
Kitchen Worktop Yes
Interior Design Course Yes
Attic Ladder Yes
Bathroom ware Yes
Paint Yes
Curtain Yes

Out of 25 products advertise in the magazine, 4 of it are not related to the magazine content, and the rest of the 21 are aligning with the magazine content. Please refer Pie Chart below to see percentage.


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