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When we hear “corruption,” we often prefer to think political corruption, corruption among our leaders, and corruption among those in power and those in wealth. Wikipedia describes political corruption as “the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.” (Wikipedia). Robert Tignor, writer of “Political Corruption in Nigeria before Independence” agrees that corruption is what is hindering a majority of the third world nations from actually making any progress. He says “Political Corruption is widespread in contemporary societies, and is regarded by some analysts of the Third World as the single most important obstacle to economic development and political integration.” (175). But is political corruption really the only thing that is holding nations back? Corruption among the so called “citizens” that are meant to stand for their country is vastly increasing. It is a cankerworm that has eaten too deep into the social fabric of nations and is still doing so. When we hear “corruption,” we often prefer to think political corruption, corruption among our leaders, and corruption among those in power and those in wealth. Wikipedia describes political corruption as “the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.” (Wikipedia). Robert Tignor, writer of “Political Corruption in Nigeria before Independence” agrees that corruption is what is hindering a majority of the third world nations from actually making any progress. He says “Political Corruption is widespread in contemporary societies, and is regarded by some analysts of the Third World as the single most important obstacle to economic development and political integration.” (175). But is political corruption really the only thing that is holding nations back? Corruption among the so called “citizens” that are meant to stand for their country is vastly increasing. It is a…...

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