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HADM 7820 Readings Assignment # 1

Due January 28

Significance of Human Resources


Hammonds, K. H. (2005). Why we hate HR. Fast Company, August 2005, Issue 97, 41-47.

Klimoski, R., & Amos, B. (2012). Practicing Evidence-Based Education in Leadership Development. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 11(4), 685-702.


1. Based on your experience, what do you think of HR?

2. Describe an experience that you had with HR people from a previous employer. Do you think they did a good job? Or, what should they have done? Provide your answer based on the reading – “how to do HR right” in page 46.

3. Given the goal of the MMH program is to help develop you to be the future leaders of the hospitality industry, how does an HR course help accomplish this? (Or perhaps, does it not?)

4. Why do you think I gave you both of these readings together?

HADM 7820 Readings Assignment # 2

Due January 30

Legal Environment


Sherwyn, D. (2010). How employment law became a major issue for hotel operations. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 51, 118-127.

Slobodien, A., & Peters, E. (2012). Beyond harassment prohibitions. HRMagazine, November 75-78.


1. What aspects of employment law do you think are important protections for you, personally?

2. What aspects of employment law do you think will hinder your performance as a manager?

3. Not just as a manager, but as a leader, what will you do in your organizations to help comply with the employment laws you read about?

HADM 7820 Readings Assignment # 3

Due February 4

Legal Environment


Brollesy, H.S., & Blair, L. M. (2007). Immigration’s alphabet soup: What you…...

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