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A Monthly E-Bulletin (5th Issue November 2013)

Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town
Charter date: 5th Nov. 1997

Vision alone is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.” — Vaclav Havel

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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A Monthly E- bulletin Of

Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid- Town
Charter date: 5th Nov. 1997 Sponsoring Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town Fifth Avenue of Service of Rotary R I District 3292.

Twin club RAC Mumbai Ghatkopar (RID, 3140) Friends of SGCP ( Self Help Group of Cerebral Palsy ) Nov 2013/14 Issue : 5 16th Rota year

PRESIDENTIAL MESSAGE RON D. BURTON PRESIDENT 2013-14 NOVEMBER 2013 Every Rotarian joins Rotary for his or her own reasons. Often, the reason someone decides to join isn't the same as the reason that person ultimately decides to stay. When I was asked to join Rotary, I accepted because I thought it would be a good way to get more involved in my community. In the end, though, what really got me excited about Rotary service was something I didn't even know about when I joined: our Rotary Foundation. I knew I could do plenty of good work through my Rotary club in Norman, Okla., USA. But through our Foundation, I could have a hand in the work of every single Rotary club and district around the world. I could look at any Foundation-supported project, any Foundation program, and any country that was declared polio-free, and say: I helped make that happen. Once I realized that, there wasn't any turning back. I've been very fortunate that over the years, I've gotten to see an incredible amount of our Foundation's work firsthand. The more I see, the more passionate I become about our Foundation. When you visit a school for AIDS orphans and meet the kids who are being cared for, educated, and taught a trade – and when you know, as you look into their faces, that if it weren't for our Foundation, they would be sleeping on the street, eating out of the trash – you don't ever see our Foundation in the same way again. We are in the middle of one of the most exciting years we have ever known for our Rotary Foundation. We've just rolled out a new grant model, one that will challenge and inspire us all to think bigger and to develop more ambitious projects that will have a more lasting impact. We've accepted a new challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has committed to match, two to one, every Rotarian dollar contributed to polio eradication for the next five years, up to US$35 million per year. And we are now fighting the final battles in our war against polio – a war we are absolutely committed to win. Our Foundation's goal always has been Doing Good in the World. With our new grant model, we aren't going to be satisfied with simply doing good. We will do the most good we can, in the most lasting ways possible – for the people who need us the most.

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Club Service

Works on effective club administration by organizing member people and resources to achieve common goals

7 new members inducted Will “new brooms sweep clean?”        Rtr. Rahisha Maharjan Rtr. Rasna Maharjan Rtr. Anushree Acharya Rtr. Pramita Manandhar Rtr. Elina Thapa] Rtr. Shikha Khatiwada Rtr. Sushma Kuikel

Rtr. Karishma Banjara Rtr. Beeju Maharjan Rtr. Prabin Shrestha

During Charter day celebration of parent club Rotaracts assist the parent club Parent club raise funds for the youth to support Rotaract District Conference

Monthly E- Bulletin “Kaleidoscope” October issue of the Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid –Town is released by DG Dilendra R Shrestha

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Professional Development Service

Seeks for ways to develop skills and enhance knowledge

Progress of our member even at home front IPP Kishor participated in the 64th International Astronautical Congress at Beijing

IPP Rtr Kishor was among the lucky 12 who presented their paper at the Congress

IT’S COOL! IPP Rtr Kishor enjoys Chinese cuisine in Beijing YUMMY! PP Rtr Anil preparing for a ride on a swanky Harley Davidson motorbike in Sydney. WOW!

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Progress and networking by our member:
From Australia: Good Afternoon! I am doing all good here. Just finished my first semester. It feels like I have just landed here in Australia and it’s already end of first semester. This semester went good, though not as I had expected. All new education system I feel I have long way to go. Meanwhile I have been enjoying Sydney and also Rotary works here. I went to Orange (Mary’s Home) last October for the gathering and preparation of the team who would come to Nepal coming year in April. This year along with the team, another team lead by DG from the District of Rotary Club of Orange day break is also coming and I will miss the visit.  This week, there is a big program in orange (Nepalese event) where I am going again with some other Rotarians from Sydney who are also interested in the Nepal Project. I hope the election time was exciting and peaceful in Nepal. Please convey my regards to Anand sir. Regards, Anil Shrestha Student of Master in Public Health – Health Promotion Specialization University of Wollongong, Australia

Great hospitality by friends old and new,

Dear Maam and Rotaracts, I am very happy to have this hand. It is helpful to write, to hold things, to ride bicycle. It is of great help to all of us from you. I use this hand everywhere and I feel so confident as I feel I have got more strength. I am very thankful for your help. Yours sincerely Ranjana Dhami Class X (2069 Batch) Mary Ward School Lubhu, Lalitpur Kathmandu Nepal

A grateful recipient of a prosthetic hand

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Community Service

• •

Responds to identified community needs to work for specific realistic goals with measurable rsults

Handing over 480 vials of antibiotic eye drops “Ciplox” for free distribution to poor patients at NEH (Nepal Eye Hospital)

New members were enthusiastic to hand over antibiotic eye drops “Ciplox” for free distribution to OPD in charge, senior consultant Dr. Mahesh Bajracharya. The supportive effort of youth community service endeavors was appreciated with wishes for similar help in the upcoming days. Participants five youths (3 Rotaracts + 2 volunteers) representing Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-Town. Medicine supplied by Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar. Program co-ordinated by: Rtr Sujan Manandhar

Survey trip: water source 2400 meter far, village at more than 120 meter height problems many.

Chamkar water supply project in planning phase: Chamkar Tamang Village located on the western side of Panauti Municipality Ward No 4

Coordinator Rtr.Sujan Manandhar

Village profile: Household 72 Population 400 Adult 250 children 150 Profession Agriculture with seasonal employment at brick factory Literacy status below 10% School: Primary 1 (Class 1 to 3 only) Secondary x Health Service: nil

The residents of Chamkar village, Panauti, present the acute water problems faced by them.

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Rotaracts conducted COTS for the Interacts of the Interact club Kathmandu Mid-Town at Mangal Higher Secondary school, Kirtipur which is the oldest Interact club in RI district at Nepal established in 1998.

President and Secretary of the two Interact club of Kathmandu Mid-Town participate in
Interact District Leadership Training Seminar

Interact clubs in RID 3292 = 80 clubs 77 Interacts participated in this program.

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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SAP Area: 17 years of joint effort

Jana Sewa Higher Secondary school /Paanga logistics with supporters Recent credit:
Engineering course was credited into the curriculum of class IX and above The school is the first government school in all the districts to have this privilege. Faculty of other schools were also recommended to

Pre-program working on operational

visit and interact with school faculty.

The multipurpose hall which is of great pride to the school /the Rotary block with 4 rooms on right side 1st floor led to others to follow suit and develop 4 other rooms – “lead by example “

Can dreams come true? Yes if we persevere Here is one example in 1996-97 we ( myself & school family ) dreamt of making a dilapidated school into a model school with a mini stadium which seemed impossible then but have been working on it since then with support from wellwishers one of them being RC Landshut Germany . Progress indicates that we are in the right track it may still take time but all involved are determined to pool in their effort .

Basketball / Badminton / Volley ball court in phase of completion

Football field yet to be developed to perfection

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

Page 8 of 10

Oath taking by incoming President 1. 8th Installation Ceremony of Interact Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town, Kirtipur 2. Workshop on the title “How to Conduct an Effective Interact Meeting”
Chief Guest: Principal Ms Nanda Maharjan of Jana Sewa Higher Secondary school, Paanga. Program co-ordinated: by Rtr. Pooja Lama program No 1 and Rtr. Sujan Manandhar program No 2

International Logo Competition initiative of Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid- Town with RAC Mumbai Ghatkopar (RID 3140) RAC Manohara (RID 3292) Total participants= 39 clubs

First: Rotaract club of Corlu (RID 2420) Second: Rotaract club of Tagum North - Palm City Chapter (RID 3860) Third: Rotaract club of Kathmandu Youth North East (RID 3292)

Current status: 113 Rotaracts representing 39 cubs registered.

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

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Best Logo Interpretation

  

Rac Sies (Sion West) (RID 3140) Rac Mumbai Ghatkopar (RID 3140) Rac Madhyapur (RID 3292) Rac Dolmabahge (RID 2420

Most Popular Logos

    

Rotaract club of Kantipur (RID 3292) Rotaract club of Manohara (RID 3292) Rotaract club of Dharan Ghopa (RID 3292) Rotaract club of Budol (RID 3292) Rotaract club of Rajdhani (RID 3292)

The initiative of Rotaract Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan, RID 2451 in promoting video making by clubs to support “International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women “is applauded. 12 Rotaract clubs in different parts of the world displayed placards with the slogan Say “No, to Violence against women” Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town is proud to have been a part of this wonderful initiative. Your viewing and spreading this message will support the cause

Editor: Rtr. Hrishav Ojha

Advisor to the Editor : Rtn. Dr. Chandra LekhaTuladhar

E –Kaleidoscope “A Monthly Bulletin”

Issue 5, 2013-14

Page 10 of 10…...

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