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In this paper I will explore the music of singer Christina Aguliera and why I enjoy her music. This paper will all so reflect about her life to give you some background about the motivation and struggles Christina went through to become what she is now. By explaining her life I will be able to show the reason she is so appealing and what pop music as a whole says about American Society.

What is music? Defining music is a daunting task that many different people attempted to understand. Music is often viewed differently and with each person presented with the same question, it will always provide a different answer. Music is such a driving force in the world that we, as human beings have grown accustomed to its sounds. With music comes the singers’ and song writers that bring the notes, and sounds of music to life. The one artist I enjoy most is Christina Aquilera. Her music is women empowering and is all so motivating to listen to. Christina Aguilera’s music brings jazz and swing into her songs to keep generations of today’s society informed with music’s past. Reflection about Christina’s life, and some background about the motivation, and struggles Christina went through to become what she is now, will help better understand the reason I enjoy her so much as an singer . By explaining her life I will be able to show the reasons she is so appealing and what pop music as a whole says about American Society. Singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera, was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York. At an early age, she developed a deep love of music. Sadly with a great gift she had, come a great curse, as her big voice swept through a number of local talent shows it started causing envy from her schoolmates and even some of the parents. The envy of those became so bad that the decision was made for her to become home-school. Home life was no easier than school, her father, an Ecuadorian immigrant and sergeant in the U.S. Army, was an abusive husband. It wasn't until Christina was six that her mother managed to end the marriage and move her two daughters to a new life in Rochester, Pennsylvania. Still amazingly, Christina Aguilera continued to perform, and in 1990, she earned a spot on the nationally television program Star Search. There, the 9-year-old Christina wowed audiences with one of Etta James's songs "A Sunday Kind of Love," placing second in the competition. From there her career took off, lading opportunities left and right. This lead Christina to her path to stardom, and collectively ending up to be the pop artist we all know and love.
She will always be known as the little girl with the big voice she. She was the first pop diva that had more diverse fans base then others pop star singers, do to her soulful voice, and music inspiration of swing and jazz. Many of Christina Aquliera’s songs have meaning behind them making fans feel relatable to this famous artist. Her music also seems to tie into her life stores making fans feel a part of her life. In one of Christina’s songs “Fighter” in her lyrics she states, “'Cause it makes me that much stronger, Makes me work a little bit harder It makes me that much wiser, so thanks for being a fighter”.Many of Christina’s songs seem to harbor a little personal pain and others are to empower women to be strong, and to never give up. She shows in many of her songs the determination to show who she is and that the connection with the music that helps has helped her escape from home life, school, and the stresses of being famous.
Pop music has become a big genre in today's society, and it is often popularly listened most by teens. In fact, pop music earned its name from "popular music," and its fast and catchy beat, enjoyed by many. Some people look down on pop music due to thinking it is lacking important messages. I believe this to be false, pop music still is important to culture today. Pop music is much more than the lyrics. It shows important themes, and messages that affect people of all ages. It also helps them cope with problems they may have giving them an escape, and a inspiration to keep going no matter how hard it may get.
“I turned to music originally because of my past and needing a release or an outlet to get anger or frustration or hurt pushed away” (Christina Aguilera). From this quote you can see the soul and love she puts into her music. The reason I appreciate and enjoy Christina Aquliera’s music is due to the fact she puts so much of herself and her life into her songs and makes it relatable to things I sometimes go throw. Her life story and how hard she pushed passed things is inspiring. Christina Aquliera defiantly shows why she is so appealing and defines pop music as a whole to what it says about American Society. | Share As Image |

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