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A mission and vision statement defines the purpose of an organization and lays out the vision of expected growth. The mission and vision statements entwine as both symbolize the foundation of the organization. The mission statement explains the purpose and promises of an organization where a vision statement defines the motivation of an organization with a strategic plan in place to meet the organization’s vision. Life’s Scents built the shops strategic plan around the mission and vision statement opposed to the mission and vision statement based on the strategic plan to ensure success reaching the goals of the shop. Life’s Scents is a local shop that specializes in aromatherapy, relaxation products, and workshops that teach relaxation, meditation, and massage techniques. The shop caters to a multicultural community by creating sections within the store dedicated to a variety of cultural needs reminiscent of Indian cultural oils, spices, aromas, and relaxation techniques. Life’s Scents strives to meet the demand and desires of all potential customers and continues to change and expand product lines to provide the most current quality products and services available. The shop originally focused on high end quality products but has since added product lines that focus on the middle income market.
Mission Statement Life’s Scents hopes to enrich people’s lives by helping to enlighten their sense of well being, health, and relaxation. We strive to provide quality products and services at a fair price as well as superior customer service to meet the needs and desires of our customers.
Vision Statement Within the next five years Life’s Scents will become the premier aromatherapy shop within community by creating harmony, teaching relaxation techniques, and providing products to assist people achieve inner peace and a healthy mind and body.
Core Values

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