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Emotion Secrets Webinar Text
Hello everyone. Welcome to the webinar. This one is for our European members. Of course, anybody is welcome. But I tried to choose a time that was good for all of you members in Europe. So today I’m going to do a couple things. First I’m going to talk for about 20 minutes about this topic of using emotion to learn English faster and to speak English better and how can you use your emotions, how can you change your emotions quickly and easily? So I will talk for about 20 minutes. During that time I will not be answering questions so you can type your comments in the chat. It’s okay. I’ll look at them sometimes. But I won’t be reading questions and I won’t be answering questions, in the beginning. After I finish talking about the topic then you can enter your questions in that chat box right at the bottom there. So if you notice, you know, there’s got the window here. We’ve got our window with, you know, it’s Effortless English Club and then slash webinars. That’s where probably most of you are. And I’m typing it in right now, webinars and we hit enter and then you see, you know, they’ve got this big window for the web stream and then underneath we’ve got our chat box and you can see we’ve got moderators, that’s me, viewers and then we’ve got a bunch of guests. So we’ve got a bunch of people. Then under that there’s a little box and you can type your comments or your questions in the box and then you hit send and it’ll ask you to register. The first time you do this you’ll need to register and then after that you can, you know, continue adding stuff. So that’s how it works. That’s the technical stuff. One more thing before we start and right now you’ll notice the video quality is so-so. It’s not great. It’s not terrible, I hope, but it’s not great because this is going to all of the Internet right now. So, you know, I apologize. We’re…...

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...the grammar-check function), then copy-and-paste into a post. What Makes for a Substantial DQ Answer? Your responses to discussion questions MUST 1) meet the guidelines of the assignment, 2) be proofread with little to no spelling or grammar mistakes, and 3) must be turned in on time. They must also meet a word count of 100 unique words (your words, not a rephrased question), and end with a discussion-forwarding question. Failure to do these things will mean a U (not fully counted and given half credit) versus a ? (counted). Learn from the first week of U’s and apply my feedback to future weeks. For instance, if you are always forgetting to end with a discussion forwarding, non-rhetorical, non-lazy question (e.g., “What do you think?”), take note of those U’s and start asking questions at the end of future DQs! I am not here to nitpick points away from you; I am here to help you become a better reader as well as a better writer. Just like a real boss, I do not accept poor-quality assignments that do not follow my directions. I also deduct partial points--10% per day--for late DQs up to four days; after four days, late DQs are no longer counted. Participation Grade Breakdown: Completed, Met-Guidelines, Posted On-Time DQ1: 1 point Completed, Met-Guidelines, Posted On-Time DQ2: 1 point 8 Substantial, 100-word posts: 2 points (.25 points each) Weekly Summary Post: .25 points (and can be counted toward participation if you haven’t met your eight posts for the week) ...

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