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November 18 2008

Actress Charlize Theron had signed an endorsement contract with Raymond Weil, the exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer in 2005, an agreement that required the actress to wear only Raymond Weil watches from October 2005 through December 2006. The contract provided in part:

Paragraph 8. Exclusivity

As of the signing of this Agreement, Artist [Theron] commits not to wear publicly any other watches other than RW watches during the Term. Additionally, Artist hereby agrees that during the Term she shall not endorse or advertise watches or jewelry for any other person, entity or company. Furthermore, Artist agrees that she will not endorse or advertise watches or jewelry for any other person, entity or company, including for charity....

Notwithstanding the foregoing, RW acknowledges and agrees that Artist is permitted to wear jewelry of her choice in public and to awards shows during the Term.

Additionally, Artist may be asked to wear non-RW watches as part of her performance in a feature film and/or television show and that such action by Artist shall not be deemed a breach by Artist, provided however, no merchandising or commercial tie-in campaign shall be allowed in connection with non-RW watches utilizing her name, voice and/or likeness in connection with such film or television show that is released and/or broadcast during the Term.

This contract does not prevent RW for [sic] using other artists or celebrities to endorse its products. However, RW agrees that Artist shall be the sole female artist to endorse RW during the Term in Europe and the United States. (Eilender Decl. Ex. F. (hereinafter the “Agreement”) ¶ 8.)

. . . . . .

No party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement or sue for breach of this Agreement until it gives written notice of the alleged breach to the other party and a period of five (5) business days…...

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