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Law: Ethical Reasoning

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LAW122 Essay On Ethical Reasoning
Emma Kiani-Oskoi

The issue that is concerned with the party named Martha raises both an ethical and legal aspect of law. As stated in the “Fact Pattern and Question” Bob had promised Martha a referral fee of $1000 as a way of thanking her for putting Raj in contact with him. This is technically referred to as a gratuitous promise from Bob that is not considered a contract due to the fact that it is not contain legally enforceable rights and obligations. Martha did not agree with the fact that Bob did not keep his word, and began to “grumble about Bob at the TBREA” stating slander at networking events. She had affected Bob’s reputation as a businessman by speaking out about him in the Toronto Builders and Real Estate Association (TBREA), an industry organization where your representation is important. If Bob were to find out about these statements that were said about him at a networking event, he would be able to sue Martha for slander of title, and malice. Slander is a “defamatory statement that is spoken” (McInnes, 2014) about a party. Defamation is considered as any uncomplimentary statement that could hurt someone’s reputation. The repercussions for this action can be serious, and could create a loss for Bob that Martha would be responsible for. Remedy for such an action could result in compensation or personal distress. This is could become a case of Injurious Falsehood for Martha. Although Martha may have thought this could be considered as a fair comment and justified, legally it is an issue that Martha is liable for.

Ethics is defined as the critical, structured examination of how individuals and institutions should behave when their actions affect others (McInnes, 2014). In this case, Martha has not acted ethically; Martha is related to the ethical reasoning of character and virtue, as well as…...

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