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1. What is value for a customer like Kimura KK?
After reading the case we can clearly see that a customer like Kimura praises the customer interaction, he likes to be well treated as some of the competitors had done in the past "Some of your competitors have been very persuasive...Singulus gave the red carpet treatment to Komoda and his team during their last visit to Germany...they helped us start our business in the USA five years ago..." It´s all about the customer relationship. There has to be a clear consolidated customer management. Mr.Kimura wants to be treated like a special client, he needs to trust the partnership with Pramtex and its suppliers regarding the completion and manufacture of its final product, the "Spartacus" He expects not just the sale, there has to be a before and an after. (Good customer service, it's a constant interaction process and not a static one.)
Obviously when buying a product it´s important for it to be above the competition, "Spartacus was the turnkey of the Rolls Royce.." Obviously Mr.Kimura praised and saw the Spartacus as a competitive advantage, "Pramtex’s equipment would minimize the learning and start-up curve.." Despite the fact that they sold state of the art solutions that were above what was needed, Mr Kimura was looking for a partner who he could fully trust and not just a simple supplier. This was not accomplished as we could read through reading the case. (lack of professionalism and maintenance, right after the first breakdown) After the sale of their first machines they decreased their attention to Mr.Kimura, attention that was high valued by the client.
2. Who are the key players at Kimura in this purchase? What are their respective roles and interests? There are many key players in all of this process. Firstly, we have Mr. Kimura, which is the President of the…...

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