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Stakeholder engagement

The Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of cereals. For more than 100 years, Kellogg’s has been a leader in health and nutrition through providing consumers with a wide variety of food products. Kellogg’s market leading position and reputation is built on its commitment to ethical business practices and its values-based culture. Business values identify the beliefs that the company holds to be the most important. These values then guide decision making and shape the way the organisation behaves. For Kellogg’s, these are referred to as K-Values.

Kellogg’s long-term business plans, known as strategies, focus on engaging with its stakeholders to ensure their needs are being met. For Kellogg’s, this means ensuring the highest ethical standards and sustainable business practices. Kellogg’s has a Global Code of Ethics governing how it deals with stakeholders across the world. A sustainable business is one which focuses on minimising any negative impact to the environment to ensure future generations can prosper. Kellogg’s vision and core purpose outline what the company wants to achieve. They guide the organisation’s decision making processes to help meet the expectations of its stakeholders. Kellogg’s vision, which was refreshed in 2012, sets out the company’s main aim: ‘To enrich and delight the world through

Integrity & Respect • Accountability • Passion Simplicity • Success • Humility & Hunger


foods and brands that matter.’ This is supported by Kellogg’s purpose of ‘Nourishing families so that they can flourish and thrive.’ Every Kellogg’s employee, no matter where in the world, is working towards achieving these every single day.

Kellogg’s K-Values guide the way the company interacts with all of its stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals, groups and organisations that have an…...

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