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Kellogg Brown and Root, also known as KBR Engineering & Construction, is a unit of the Halliburton Company which provides military support services. KBR IS a leading global engineering, construction and services company and the world’s largest government defense services provider. Its mission is to provide on-demand support services to the U.S. Department of Defense across the full military mission cycle, from contingency logistics and field support to operations and maintenance on military bases. Formerly known as Brown and Root Services, KBR was scrutinized in 2000 by the GAO for overcharging and providing unnecessary services in the Balkans. ▪ Balkans Support Contract is the largest contract for services to U. S. forces, representing about $2 billion in contract costs spent in the Balkans since December 1995.Brown & Root's open-ended logistics contracts from the Army and Navy --indeed much of the military privatization campaign -- are grounded in a 1992 study the company did for the Defense Department that several analysts said formed the template for privatization of logistics for a downsized U.S. military. Soon after the company delivered the classified study, which reportedly concluded that the Pentagon could save hundreds of billions of dollars by outsourcing, Brown & Root won its first competitively bid logistics contract. Vice President Dick Cheney was defense secretary when the first Brown & Root study was done, and he became chief executive of its parent company, Halliburton, when he retired.KBR has become more trouble than it's worth to Halliburton, and that a spin-off is being considered, citing "investigations into its activities in Nigeria and Iran and by sizable asbestos claims." ▪ Among Halliburton's most pressing concerns are investigations by French, American and Nigerian officials into KBR's role in an illegal payments scheme for its work on a liquid natural gas project in Nigeria in the 1990's at a time when Mr. Cheney was Halliburton's chief executive. ▪ The Department of Justice is also investigating Halliburton's activities in Iran, where it operates through a loophole allowing it to remain there despite
The main contracts of the company come from the US government where they require Kellogg Brown Root to fully cooperate with their army in Iraq and Afghanistan . To date Kellogg Brown Root has got the major shares of the projects in both Afghanistan and Iraq . Around 1 .6 billion has been subjected to the various solutions that were provided by them in the support of US army .The history of Kellogg Brown Root states that it had been the subsidiary of Halliburton 's construction for more than 44 years when for the first time the shares of KBR were nationalized . Soon after that in 2007 , company was released from Halliburton 's construction contract as they hired a new Alabama based company for the provision of their projects .The company is the largest non union engineering service organization in the US and it has been the reason for its popularity among the highest ranks . Also with the recent and current events state that the company has seen various economical impacts put on them by the government ,Halliburton 's construction and by the market trends .…...

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