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Kamloops and Vancouver

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Kamloops and Vancouver
Although Vancouver and Kamloops quite different cities, especially compare populations in these cities, I would like to compare these two amazing place for living.
Kamloops is a very comfortable place to live, because you can travel from one part of city to another just for one hour. Size of the city is not so big and there are no traffic jams on the roads. This is also very important for you if you live in one district of the city and work in another part. There are a lot of malls and different stores in each district of the city, which is very important if you need something to buy right now and don’t want to spend almost whole day to stay in the traffic jam, which is very common thing for the big cities. Despite the fact that there is no underground in Kamloops, you have an opportunity to use awesome buses to reach each part of the city you need very quickly. You can buy awesome house in Kamloops with brilliant scenery and spend not so huge amount of money as in the big cities.
On the other hand, you have an amazing chance to be closer to brilliant Canadian nature which surrounds Kamloops. There are lots of parks, lakes, mountains and hills around and in the city. Also well-known in British Columbia Sun Peaks resort is situated just 50 kilometers from Kamloops. Nature gives us additional energy in our life, support our mental activities and helps us stay calm, even if we have lots of stress every day. There is no big amount of cars, trucks and harmful plants, so air in Kamloops is fresh and clear, because lots of trees around works as a filters.

I strongly believe that Vancouver is not such comfortable city as Kamloops, because intensive traffic on the road and it becomes more difficult to go through the city. You need more time to travel from one part of the city to another, despite the fact that…...

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