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The following are a list of characters who appear in the film you are about to see. Please use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with their names, as viewing the film will require you to note any critical behaviors, decisions or actions pertaining to leadership these characters may portray. Please use this handout to note these behaviors, etc., for discussion after the conclusion of the film. After the film ends, you will be given an opportunity to review your notes and fill in any information which bears on the behavior of these individuals as it addresses any leadership concepts. Use the four general questions found at the bottom of the initial handout e-mailed to you in order to guide your note-taking activity.

Character Behaviors, Decisions, Actions Outcomes

Gen. Pat Pritchard Participative Leadership when he talks to Keith about disciplining one of the members of his crew. He heard what Keith believed and how he felt about the situation, but in the end exercised his power and removed Keith of his position.

Gen. Frank Savage Transformational Leadership: Uses intellectual stimulation when he decides to bomb from 9,000 ft instead of 19,000. Took the risk in order to be able to achieve goal the “first time around instead of going 5 times and coming back empty…...

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