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Name: Nanakofi Akyeampong.

Title: cooling curves.

Aim: To take the temperature of boiling water twice to see how they reduce in temperature every two minutes for 14 minutes.

Hypothesis: Every two minutes the temperature would drop by two or three.

Materials & Apparatus: * 250cm3 Beakers. * 100cm3 Beakers. * Thermometer. * Measuring Cylinder. * Retort Stand. * Container (Plastic). * Paper Napkin

Method: First, I fetched hot water into the plastic container.
Secondly, I clamped the thermometer to the retort stand.
I then transferred 200cm3 of hot water into the 250cm3 beaker.
I then put the thermometer into the hot water and measured the initial temperature.
Then, I observed & recorded the temperature every two minutes as it dropped.

FIRST RECORDING Temperature Changes | Time | Initial Temperature | 51oC | 2 Minutes | 55o C | 49oC | 4 Minutes | | 48 o C | 6 Minutes | | 46 o C | 8 Minutes | | 45 o C | 10 Minutes | | 43 o C | 12 Minutes | | 42 o C | 14 Minutes | |

SECOND RECORDING Temperature Changes | Time | Initial Temperature | 57oC | 2 Minutes | 59 o C | 54oC | 4 Minutes | | 51oC | 6 Minutes | | 49oC | 8 Minutes | | 47 o C | 10 Minutes | | 45 o C | 12 Minutes | | 43 o C | 14 Minutes | |

Conclusion: The longer the water is left to cool, the lower the temperature becomes. So every two minutes, the temperature decreases by one or two. This can be seen clearly on the graph and result.
Evaluation: We could have heated the initial water to increase the temperature so it would take a longer time to cool. Aside this, everything in my experiment went well.


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