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Functional Analysis

A functional analysis is a process of learning about people before intervening in their lives. It is a systematic process for describing difficult behavior, identifying environmental factors and setting events that predict the behavior, and guiding the development of effective and efficient behavior support plans. Three important beliefs underlying a functional analysis are that 1) all behavior that persists serves some purpose, 2) every person is unique, and 3) the best way to help someone change their behavior is to first understand the reasons behind the behavior.

This worksheet includes the components of a functional analysis which should be used to develop a positive behavior support plan, if one is needed for a participant. Depending on the person, some items may not need to be addressed.

|Clear Description of the Behavior -- What does the challenging behavior look like? What does it sound like? Does it occur in conjunction with other behaviors or |
|in isolation? How long does it last? How long has it been a problem? |
| |
|Antecedents -- Is there any warning from the person before the targeted behavior starts? What are some of the preliminary behaviors before the person shows the |
|targeted behavior? |
| |
|Typical Routines -- When is the challenging behavior more…...

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