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The mission of the International Student Organization (ISO) is to foster understanding about diversity and the various cultures among the Indiana University Southeast (IUS) community at large, to provide an avenue to bridge the social gap among the students here at IUS and to provide a helping hand to the new incoming students in getting oriented to the USA. ISO is not for International students only but for the entire campus community at IUS.
ISO is committed to
- Increase the diversity awareness in the campus and the community.
- To establish a medium for cultural exchange between the students/faculty/staff and the community as a whole.
- To promote international support, assist the foreign students/visitors in establishing social contacts.
- To provide programs for cultural, social and educational exchange.

The International Students Organization (ISO) of the University of Mississippi has been formed out of the need for more interaction between International students on the campus.

Article I. Name

The Official Name of the organization shall be


Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a platform for social interaction among international students and help new international students adapt themselves to the Ole Miss community.

Article III. Membership

Section 1: There shall be no member who is not currently enrolled as a student at the University of Mississippi .
Section 2: There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, disability, or national origin.
Section 3: All members must maintain an overall quality point average of at least 2.0.
Section 4 : Membership shall be terminated under the following conditions
(i) Graduation
(ii) Transfer from Ole Miss

Article IV. Officers

Section 1: The officers of the organization can be any member of the International Students Organization who is eligible to serve as from Article V.

Section 2: Officers shall be elected by general elections every beginning of Fall.

Section 3: The Officer's term of office shall be the following: They shall be elected and installed as set forth by the election code (Article VIII). Term of service shall be one academic year.

Section 4: All officers should be Sophomore or higher standing in the University of Mississippi.

Article V. Officer Eligibility

Officers of the organization shall hold and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0, not be on disciplinary or academic probation, and shall be fully admitted students to the University of Mississippi and have been an active member of ISO for at least one academic semester.

Article VI. Officer Responsibilities


All officers should be Sophomore or higher standing in the University of Mississippi.

1. Act as the official representative of ISO
2. Arrange and preside over all meeting of the ISO assembly and call such meetings as necessary,
3. Arrange and preside over all meeting of the Executive Board,
4. Administer programs, workshops, and fundraisers for the ISO assembly,
5. Have the power to veto legislation passed by the ISO assembly. A presidential veto must be issued within ten days of the date of passage. A presidential veto may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the ISO assembly members present and voting.
6. Meet with ISO Advisor and Student Leaders Counsel when necessary about matters concerning ISO and to give a verbal update of duties performed since last meeting,
7. Be an ISO representative when working with other organizations…
8. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,
9. Act as liaison between the University and the international students.
10. Oversee the effective implementation of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,
11. This position shall only be for one year unless overruled by the executive board.

Vice President

All officers should be Sophomore or higher standing in the University of Mississippi.

1. Attend and actively participate in all ISO assembly meetings,
2. Attend and actively participate in all Executive Officer meetings,
3. Assume the responsibilities of the President upon his/her absence,
4. Assume the responsibilities of the President upon his/her resignation,
5. Coordinate the activities of any committee appointed by the Executive Board and/or the ISO assembly, and assist the committee directors in effectively performing their assigned duties,
6. Maintain an organized binder to be passed on to the next Vice President, ,
7. Uphold all aspects of ISO and its bylaws
8. This position shall only be for one year unless overruled by the executive board.


All officers should be Sophomore or higher standing in the University of Mississippi.

1. Attend and actively participate in, and keep accurate minutes at all ISO Assembly meetings,
2. Attend and actively participate in all Executive Officer meeting,
3. Attend and keep accurate minutes at all meetings requested by the Executive Board,
4. Post the minutes of all ISO meetings within a week after the meeting in a binder as well as online at the Minutes link of the website,
5. Execute all official correspondence of ISO (letter, etc.)
6. Maintain attendance records of all assembly, committee, and Executive Board meetings, and will announce excessive absences to the board,
7. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws
8. This position shall only be for one year unless overruled by the executive board.


All officers should be Sophomore or higher standing in the University of Mississippi.

1. Attend and actively participate in, and keep accurate minutes at all ISO Assembly meetings,
2. Attend and actively participate in all Executive Officer meeting,
3. Maintain all financial records of ISO,
4. Keep the ISO budget balanced and request funding from SPB, ASB, Campus Programming and International Programs as necessary
5. Collect dues from all members at the beginning of the semester
6. Keep track of members who have paid and ensure that they receive their official membership card
7. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,
8. This position shall only be for one year unless overruled by the executive board.

Elected Board Positions

Public Relations

1. Promote awareness of ISO to the campus community and the community at large
2. Publicize all ISO events, programs, and activities through distributed flyers, banners and signs
3. Create monthly calendars or similar schedule of activities
4. Establish and maintain good relations with campus media
5. Submit newsworthy items about the organization to campus and community media
6. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,

Special Events Coordinator

1. Coordinate all special evens such as International Night, Fall and Spring Cookouts, etc.,
2. Identify and organize committees to plan events
3. Work closely with public relations officer in promoting all special events
4. Implement other responsibilities relating to ISO events as necessary
5. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,

Elections Coordinator

1. Organize nomination and election of officers at the beginning of fall term
2. Ensure that all members are aware of upcoming elections
3. Ensure that all candidates meet necessary requirements to run for office
4. Ensure that the elections are carried out fairly as stated by the constitution
5. Work with incumbent officers and become familiar with duties of office
6. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,

Web Master

1. The webmaster shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the ISO website
2. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws

Organizational Representatives

1. Be an active member of the organization representing
2. Be a liaison between ISO and the other international organization on campus which the officer represents
3. Be knowledgeable about activities of the other organizations to coordinate ISO activities with the other organization
4. Ensure that the other organization is aware of ISO activities
5. Uphold all aspects of the ISO constitution and its bylaws,


A member of IPO will serve as one of the advisors

Article VII. Removal from office

Clause A: ISO Representatives may remove any office from office following a majority vote of a minimum present 7 members. The impeachment petition must be presented to the ISO executive council two weeks prior to the vote and must state misconduct, violation of the Code of Conduct (provided by the University of Mississippi in the ‘M’ Book), or lack of fulfilling duties. 

Clause B: The impeachment case shall be heard at the next regular Assembly meeting following the presentation (as set by the ISO president) whereby the accused officer shall be given an opportunity to speak before the assembly for him/herself and bring witnesses for his/her case. A vote by secret ballot will take place after the accused and witnesses have left the room. Article VIII. Election Code

The election shall be held in the first month of the beginning of the Academic Year

6. ISO must announce elections two weeks prior to elections.
7. Candidates running for office must announce their intent by form of application available through ISO, one week prior to the election date to the elections officer as well as the executive board. 
8. During the election process there must be no form of campaigning. Each candidate will be allotted time, approved by the ISO executive board, in which they may speak to the assembly.
9. The President, and Vice-President Candidates shall be allotted time to speak to the assembly regarding their intent and ideas as well as to the present executive board.
10. The newly elected officers shall assume office from the next meeting after elections, and serve until the election of the new officers in the following academic year.
11. During the last meeting, the former executive officers will hand over their journals for the newly inducted officers to read and follow as a form of training.
12. No officer may hold the same position for a period longer than one year but may remain on the executive council with a new position. The executive board may overrule this, and allow a person to serve in a position for more than one year.

Article IX. Resignations

An officer must submit a full page letter of resignation whereby there is an explanation of the failure to commit to ISO as well as the date the officer wishes to resign. Plus the officer must recommend a person he/she thinks would efficiently to the job Article X. Meetings

Section 1: Regular meetings shall be held bi-monthly at the discretion of the board.
Section 2: Special meetings may be called by the President of the organization.
Section 3: The agenda at regular meetings will include:
A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
C. Reading of the previous minutes
D. Announcements
E. Old Business
F. New Business
G. Adjournment Article XI. Finances

Section 1: Membership fees shall be $5.00 per member per academic year. Article XII. Amendment and Ratification

Section 1: This constitution may be amended at any time by a majority vote of 2/3 of the active membership.
Section 2: Nothing contained in this constitution shall in any way limit the final authority of the University of Mississippi .
Section 3: Ratification of this constitution shall be following approval of the membership, and approval and acceptance of the Committee on Students Organizations and/or the Office of the Dean of Students.
Section 4: Upon Ratification of this constitution, all other previous constitutions shall be null and void

About Us
MSU International Students Association was established in the fall of 2003. Within two weeks of our formation, we made our debut in MSU's Homecoming Parade. Our banner, decorated by flags from around the world, with the theme “Go Green, Go White, Grow Global!” won the top prize for the best banner. Now ISA has grown into an official on-campus organization with a constitution, officers, and a membership list of more than 4000 foreign students on campus.
Apart from the Homecoming Parade, we have been participating in a number of events such as the Global Festival, New International Students' Orientations, International Students' Party etc. We organize International Movie Nights. The ISA has also strengthened the awareness of the diversity by being an active member of the weekly Coffee Hour in the International Center and working closely with the advisors in the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) and the Internationalizing Student Life.
Download Brochure (pdf)
Our Objective To promote and enhance international awareness, cooperation, cultural diversity and dialogue among international students, and between international and American students at Michigan State University campus and wider communities. 
 To provide the international student community with formal representation within the University and wider communities.
 To promote, advocate, and advance the international students rights, interests and privileges in the US. 
 To provide programs to support and serve the needs of international students. 
 To engage with the wider MSU community over international issues through festivals, workshops, displays, seminars, food fests, etc, and actively participate

The purpose of our organization is to help the international students participate in campus activities and create opportunities to show their different cultures to fellow students at IUSB and the South Bend Community.

ISAP Constitution
The International Students Association of Princeton (ISAP) was established by Bijan Mossaver-Rahmani '74 (Iran) in the spring of 1975 with the intention of fostering social interaction among foreign students at Princeton University. ISAP expanded under Shanta Devarajan '75 (Sri Lanka) and Timur Kuran '77 (Turkey). The ISAP constitution was rewritten in 1999 by the ISAP board then comprising of: President Hashim Dabbagh '01 (Saudi Arabia), Vice-President Carola Ibanez '01 (Mexico), Secretary Christian Pinawin '01 (Australia/Philippines), and Treasurer Jackson Charmichael '02 (Australia). Due to many changes in recent years to the organizational structure and functioning of ISAP, this updated constitution is being rewritten in 2007 by the ISAP board consisting of President Megan Chiao ’09 (New Zealand), Vice-President Henry Rounds ’10 (France), Treasurer Inae Kim ’10 (Korea), Publicity Chair Mirela Hristova ’09 (Bulgaria), Social Chairs Dobromir Parushev’10 (Social Chair) and Arjun Arora ’10 (India), and Webmaster Abhishek Agrawal ’09 (India). The previous versions of the constitution are on file and can be examined upon request.
Article 1:
The official name of this organization shall henceforth be the "International Students Association of Princeton" (hereafter referred to as the Association).
Article 2:
It shall be the purpose of the Association to:
Section 1:
Represent the collective interests of all foreign undergraduates and American undergraduates educated abroad attending Princeton University in all matters which affect them.
Section 2:
Assist foreign and American students educated abroad in their transition from their home life to the new atmosphere at Princeton University.
Section 3:
Provide a common ground for social interaction for all foreign and American students educated abroad.
Section 4:
Conduct cultural, educational, and political activities for foreign students, American students educated abroad, and for the University community at large.
Article 3: Membership and Dues
• Section 1:
All Princeton University undergraduates holding non-US passports as specified by the registrar's office shall automatically be full members of the Association. Full members shall have all voting rights in elections held by the Association and hold elected positions.
• Section 2:
All Princeton University undergraduates who show an interest in foreign student affairs and in the goals and purposes of the Association can apply to the ISAP board for full membership. A unanimous consensus among all board members is required for admission.
Article 4: The Elected Office Bearers
The Association shall be headed by eight elected office bearers: a president, vice president, a publicity chair, a secretary, a treasurer, two social chairs, and a webmaster.
• Section 1: Duties of the President

The President shall:

Take overall responsibility for all events organized by the Association through the management and delegation of tasks to the rest of the Executive Board to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Association. 
Represent the foreign undergraduate body in all functions and dealings with the administration, trustees of the University, and all other outside organizations.

Be responsible for the overall formulation of policies and functions of the Association.

Call meetings and establish agendas, in consultation with the other board members.

Chair and conduct meetings of the Executive Board, or of the membership at large.

Be responsible, with the vice-president, for planning and organizing large-scale events such as the Fall and Spring parties and the ISAP Mini World Cup soccer tournament.

Write an annual report on the activities of ISAP during the board’s term of office.
• Section 2: Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall:

Assisting the President in all tasks as and when necessary.
Perform the duties of the President in his or her absence.

Work in consultation with the other seven officers for the various duties outlined in sections 1-6.

Be responsible, with the president, for planning and organizing large-scale events such as the Fall and Spring parties and the ISAP Mini World Cup soccer tournament.
• Section 3: Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall:

Work in consultation with the other six officers for the various duties outlined in sections 1-6.

Be responsible for all correspondence and written work of the Association.

Produce and distribute minutes of the weekly Executive Board meetings..

Work in conjunction with the elected officers on a weekly newsletter that keeps the general members informed of activities.
Be in charge of operating and maintaining the Association’s mailing list.
• Section 4: Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

Work in consultation with the other six officers for the various duties outlined in sections 1-6.Keep proper records of all financial transactions and present an annual financial report to the Executive Board.

Be responsible for submitting reimbursements for all financial transactions conducted on behalf of the Association.

Advise the Executive Board on the economic feasibility of each project entered into.

Organize the general fund-raising activities by approaching and applying to sources of funding such as (but not limited to) the USG Projects Board, ODUS, Alcohol Initiative, the Davis International Center, departments, and the CAF Center.
• Section 5: Duties of the Publicity Chairs

The Publicity Chair shall:

Work in consultation with the other seven officers for the various duties outlined in sections 1-6.
Be responsible for the creation and distribution of publicity materials for the Association.
Organize the general publicity activities that aim to both promote the presence of the Association on campus and encourage attendance of the Association’s events.
• Section 6: Duties of the Social Chairs

The two Social Chairs shall:

Work in consultation with the other seven officers for the various duties outlined in sections 1-6.

Plan and organize regular social gatherings of benefit to international students.
• Section 7: Duties of the Webmaster

The Webmaster shall:

Be responsible for maintaining the Association’s website. 
Ensure that all information and announcements on the Association’s website are up-to-date.

Organize the electronic voting system for members to vote for new Executive Board officers come elections time.
Article 5: Elections
• Section 1:
All full members of the Association are eligible to stand for election in any office. All elections shall be conducted by electronic votes. The elected officers should make sure that all members of the Association are notified of the elections one month prior to the set date.
• Section 2:
No freshman shall be allowed to run for the post of President.
• Section 3:
All candidates must read the ISAP constitution and sign a note indicating that they have read the constitution and understand their respective potential responsibilities (outlined in article 4).
• Section 4:
All candidates must submit written declarations of candidacy to the outgoing board at least two weeks prior to elections.
• Section 5:
Candidates for the post of President and Vice President must run for elections in teams, presenting a unified statement of candidacy.
• Section 6:
Elections are conducted by at least two of the outgoing elected officers. If two or more of the outgoing officers stand for re-election, then one or two non-partisan members of the Association shall be appointed by the remaining officers not currently running for re-election for this purpose.
• Section 7:
Candidates shall be allowed at least one week of campaign time. All Undergraduate Student Government rules and regulations regarding election ethics shall be fully respected during this time. If the persons conducting the election observe an infringement of these rules, they shall have the right to cancel the candidacy of the candidate causing the infringement.
• Section 8:
Officers will be elected for the duration beginning in the spring term of one year through to the spring term of the following year. Nomination and elections will be held approximately two (2) months prior to changing of office. The month prior to changing of office will be used as a training period as entering officers work with the current board.
• Section 9:
All full members have the right to vote for a president and vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, an events coordinator, two social chairs, and a webmaster. A simple majority shall be sufficient for election results.
• Section 10:
In the event of a tie between two or more candidates a rerun election shall be executed within one (1) week.
• Section 11:
In the event that an Executive Board position has no candidates running for elections, the new Executive Board, once elected, must advertise the vacant position to all members of the Association. After consultation with all members of the new Executive Board in attendance, the Board members will vote to choose who will fill the vacant position. A simple majority is required to appoint the new Executive Board member.
Article 6: Removal from office and appointment of Executive Committee Members
• Section 1:
Any member of the Association may petition for the removal of an Executive Committee member from his or her office. In this event, all members of the Executive committee except the one in question will vote anonymously. A unanimous agreement is necessary for the removal from office to take place.
• Section 2:
Unexcused absence from three (3) consecutive meetings shall be sufficient reason for removal from office of an Executive Committee member. If such a decision concerns an elected officer it should be ratified by a simple majority among the Executive Committee with at least 2/3 of its members in attendance. If the decision concerns a committee head, removal from office can be affected by the President with the approval of the other elected officers.
• Section 3:
A post vacated by an elected officer or committee head shall be filled by a person nominated by the remaining elected officers. Such a decision must be ratified by a 1/2 + 1 majority among the Executive Committee with all of the Executive Committee in attendance. If the position of President should fall vacant, the Vice-president shall assume his/her duties and an additional person shall be nominated to fill the position of Vice-president.
Article 7: Miscellaneous Items
• Section 1:
A standing $1000 reserve fund to guarantee the Association's credit-worthiness shall be held at all times. The fund may only be used with the consent of the Board, the Foreign Student Advisor, and the Assistant Dean responsible for Student Organizations. The fund may then only be used if replacement funding is earned within a period of three (3) months.
Article 8: Amendments to the Constitution
• Section 1:
Amendments to this constitution shall be initiated by the presentation of a petition. Signed consent from all of the elected officers is needed for the amendment to come into effect along with the consent of the full membership. The amendment shall be shown to the full membership, and if no objection to the given amendment is made in writing within three weeks of publication the amendment will be put into effect.
International Student Organization
Auburn University, Auburn Alabama
We, a student group of Auburn University, feeling the need for an
organization to foster understanding and better relationships among students 
from different countries, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution. 

Article 1

The name of this organization shall be the International Students Organization (ISO).

Article 2

Mission To promote cultural diversity and awareness of international countries and cultures through exposure with our events especially to the American student body.

To promote understanding and better relationships among students from different countries including the United States through social and cultural activities.

To create a medium for interaction among students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.

To represent and serve the common interest of all other international student organizations and associations.

To identify areas where international students have not been assisted and develop programs to target these areas.

To act as a resource to the Student Government Association and the other student organizations in regards to the international student population.

To generate information to students through better communication, i.e. newsletter.

Article 3

All members shall be undergraduate, graduate students, faculty and staff at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

Article 4


The ISO shall consist of a governing body called the Executive Board.

1. Executive Board
• The membership of the Executive Board shall consist of four officers, and ISO Advisor. (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, ISO Advisor)

• The ISO Advisor will collaborate with the student officers and will have discretion to amend, create or remove any decisions or officers, as they deem necessary.

• Each member of the Executive board shall have one vote. 

• The Executive board shall meet at least once a week in a time and place to be specified.

• The Executive Board shall oversee the allocation of any and all monies. (Pending approval of ISO Advisor)

2. President

The President of the ISO shall: • Serve as the primary representative of the ISO to the campus and the community at large.

• Attend all meetings as deemed necessary.

• Provide representation for the ISO at meetings of, including SGA and Budget and Finance Committee Meetings.

• Bear ultimate responsibility for the integrity and efficiency of its members.

• To appoint committee chairpersons and any other assistants he or she may deem necessary with the majority approval of the Executive Board.

• To remove any chair or assistant he or she appointed with the majority approval of the Executive Board and ISO advisor.

• To appoint an active member of the ISO to serve as a representative to any official functions. 3. Vice Presidents (Executive and Legislative) 

The Vice President (Executive) of the ISO shall:

• To assist the President in the fulfillment of all of his or her tasks.

• To assume all of the President's responsibilities under this document in the event of his or her absence, dismissal or resignation until either the return or the office is filled.

• To coordinate the activities through the Executive Board of the ISO.

• To call meetings of the ISO Executive Board.

The Vice President (Legislative) of the ISO shall:

• To ensure all decisions, resolutions, and actions taken by the Executive Board are in accordance with the constitution, and the code of laws of the ISO.

• Assume the duties of the President and Vice President and/or Secretary in their absence, removal, dismissal or resignation until the office has been filled.

• To keep a permanent record of the ISO constitution and the Code of Laws. 4. Treasurer 

The Treasurer of the ISO shall:
• Assist the ISO Budget and finances.

• Coordinate all fundraising activities organized through the ISO in collaboration with the ISO Advisor and Executive Board.

• Oversee all financial transactions that shall take place involving activities of the ISO.

• Keep the Executive Board updated in the financial situation of the organization.

• Shall attend all Executive Board Meetings.

• Represent the ISO at all necessary budget proceedings of the Budget Finance Meetings.

• Shall prepare a monthly report of the financial status of the ISO.

• Shall be familiar with the university financial policies and procedures.

5. Secretary • The Secretary of the ISO shall :

• Attend and take minutes at all Executive Board Meetings.

• Oversee the documentation of the ISO proceedings and events.

• Assume the duties of the Treasurer in the event of absence, dismissal or resignation until the office is filled.

• Assume the duties of the President and / or Vice President in the event of absence, dismissal or resignation until the office is filled.

• Will provide an agenda of the current weeks meetings as well as offer copies of previous meetings minutes to be approved by executive board.

6. Officer Removal
• For an officer to be removed from office the Executive Board shall :

• Conduct a hearing into the deficiencies of the officer. The officer in question must be present and must be offered an opportunity to respond to the charges.

• Impose a probationary period of between two weeks and one month. After such period has been completed the Executive Board shall review the case for a final vote.

• Cast a vote securing a two-thirds majority in favor of removal.

• Resignations can be accepted by the Executive Board or ISO Advisor.

• Vacancies incurred in the course of a term of office shall result in the appointment by majority vote of the executive board with final approval of ISO advisor until the next regular election is to be held
7. Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs Shall :
• Represent their respective committees at all meetings.

• Be responsible for the implementation of the Executive Board decisions with regards to their respective committees.

• Be responsible for the integrity and efficiency of their committees and its members.

• Take minutes and attendance at all meetings and be responsible for documentation of the actions and proceedings of their committees.

• Conduct a periodic meeting of the committee as needed.

• The members of their committees shall elect committee chairs and Co-Chairs no later than one month into the fall term. Election shall be by secret ballot. In the event of a tie a run-off election shall be held.

• The Removal of a committee chair shall be initiated either by the committee chairperson or the Executive Board with approval of ISO Advisor. Removal of officers shall follow procedures stated for removal of Executive Board Officer. (Section 6)

Article 5

A. Elections
• The Executive Board shall be elected at the beginning of the Spring Term.

• These officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the quorum present (50%).
1. Elections Board There shall be a permanent Board in the Executive Branch to be known as the Board of Elections, which shall be composed of :

• ISO Advisor

• ISO President

• ISO Vice President

• ISO Treasurer

• ISO Secretary

• Arrange for necessary polling places and ballots and other items necessary for the proper, efficient and legal execution of elections.

• Set the election date which must be held no later than the fourth week of Spring Quarter.

• Approve the design of the official election packet.

• Make rules and regulations concerning elections on constitutional amendments.

• Enforce the Elections Law and such rules and regulations as are made to implement the Law

B. Candidacy of Officers 

◦ To be eligible for candidacy for the office of president, a candidate should have been a member of the ISO for at least 2 terms prior to the term in which the election is held. In order to serve the diverse international student population at Auburn University, it is preferable to elect a new president from a nationality different from the preceding president.

◦ To be eligible for candidacy for any others offices, the candidate must be a member of the ISO.

◦ Voting shall be by secret ballot.

◦ In order to fill a vacancy in the Executive Board, the president will appoint a temporary assistant for these duties until the next senate meeting, in which a new officer will be elected.

Article 6 

Amendment to Constitution 

◦ All amendments to this constitution must be proposed by one of the following methods.

◦ By a vote of one-fourth of the membership of the ISO.

◦ By a petition in writing to the President of the ISO carrying the signatures of ten percent of the membership of the ISO.

◦ Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of quorum.

• International Students Organization
Code Of Laws
System of the International Students Code of Laws (Chapter 100)
The following shall be the system of the International Students Organization Code of Laws, to be observed in the official codification of said Laws as established by Law:

• 100.1 Ways and Means Committee- Purpose : To set agenda and insure consistency with the Constitution and Code of Laws.

• 100.2 The Ways and Means Committee shall be composed (preferably) of seven voting members.

• 100.3 The Ways and Means Committee shall have the following duties:

• To code all Bills of Law presented to the ISO Executive Board before the final approval by the ISO Executive Board and ISO Advisor.

• To make recommendations to the ISO Executive Board concerning proposed changes in the Bill of Law. These recommendations shall be submitted in writing to membership of the ISO Executive Board.

• To study all Bills of Law to ensure consistency with the Constitution and Code of Laws.

• Procedures established by the Ways and Means Committee shall be subject to approval by the majority vote of members present at the meeting of the ISO Executive Board. (Pending approval of ISO Advisor)

100.4 Budget and Finance Committee: Purpose : To recommend and monitor the use of ISO funds.

• Budget and Finance Committee shall have the following duties :

• The Budget and Finance Committee shall (preferably) consist of seven members. The treasurer shall also be a voting ex officio officer of the Budget and Finance Committee. Other Permanent Members : President and ISO Advisor.

• To make preliminary written recommendations to the ISO Executive Board for the allocation of ISO funds at the beginning of each term.

• To monitor ISO funds and to assist treasurer in the performance of his/her duties.
• Each member of the Budget and Finance Committee shall become thoroughly familiar with University and ISO financial policies.

100.5 Student Welfare Committee: Purpose: To address issues of concern to International Students (e.g. academic affairs, financial affairs, housing, health insurance, visa problems etc.)
• The Student Welfare Committee shall (preferably) consist of seven members.

• The Committee shall have the following duties :

• To consider any amendments to the ISO Code of Laws that deal with student welfare and to review resolutions dealing with policies that affect International Students.

• The committee recommendations shall be submitted to the members of the ISO Executive Board in writing at a meeting of the Executive Board.

100.6 Publicity and Communications Committee: Purpose : To ensure internal and external communications concerning all aspects of the ISO. • The Publicity and Communications Committee shall consist (preferably) of seven members.

• The Committee shall have the following duties :

• Public Relations, including publicizing ISO activities and promoting of the image of the ISO.

• Publication and distribution of minutes of the ISO Executive Board Meetings. 100.7 Special Events Committee: Purpose : To promote activities of both an academic and/or social nature.

• The Special Events Committee shall (preferably) consist of seven members.

• To promote the exchange of ideas and information via invited speakers.

To organize International Students Organization's social functions.

The International Student Organization (ISO) facilitates the integration and development of the international community at Regent University. Our motto is to embrace students under our friendly wings while inviting them to experience I.S.O. which is Invigoration, Stabilization and the Optimization we implement to make their life at Regent successful and happy.
We seek to invigorate their lives through the many fun events we execute. Apart from stimulating their social lives, we also encourage spiritual growth through times of praise and worship.
Stabilization is an important aspect of a student’s life. It is important to create a stable environment which students can adapt to easily and feel at home in. The first step we take to stabilize the student’s environment is by helping them settle down. This is done through our various agreements with student housing, and provision of basic furniture and transportation.
Optimization in this context is the enhancement of the skills of international students through opportunities we provide for them to utilize their gifts and talents…...

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...CHAPTER #1 1. INTRODUCTION In past 40 years globalization of achieving higher education has grown considerably through mobility of students. The figure is continuously rising and the number of international students has more than double in past decade. According to Universities UK, between 2008-09 and 2009-10 there was an 11.7% increase in the international students. According to HESA, in 2000-001 there were 126,720 non EU students at UK institution and by 2009-10 the figure had raised to 280,760, an increase about 121 %.( Students coming to Britain experience sparkling, lively, demanding, world –beating education in exciting and stimulating environment which helps students in grooming personal development and career. British universities serve as magnet to the internationals student.UK is first choice of overseas students among many other countries. UK universities are best in world which educates students to world class standards. The principle reason to study in UK universities are High academic standards, cutting-edge educational facilities (particularly in the sciences, engineering and the arts), and broad range of offerings combined with the flexibility to accommodate individual student needs. The government and the British Council developed a program known as “The UK Education Brand” in1999.  There are 159 institutions in the UK that are permitted to award a wide variety of degrees to suit most educational aspirations. All these......

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International Students

...Target Audience: American citizens that concern about the role and impact of international students to the economy. Having International Students, Gain or Loss to U.S. Economy? The fame of the United States for education attracts many international students to this country every year. Besides being a good host, a portion of American citizens does not realize great contributions that international students bring to the economy. Moreover, there are even worries and complaints that international students are taking jobs away from domestic citizens after the President extended the time for international students to remain in the U.S. “the change could hurt U.S. job-seekers by making them compete against more foreign graduates” (“Obama”). Therefore, people who hold similar ideas believe it is better to diminish the flow of international students. “Community colleges and small state colleges especially should resist the lure of the foreign student market” (Vaughan). All of these misunderstandings neglect the positive role of these students and may harm the country in the long term. Reasonably speaking, international students play a crucial part in America’s economy and should not intimidate qualified job seekers. Providing education to international students is the lowest risk export. As data collected from the U.S Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, education ranked the third in U.S trade in private services in 2009 (Ward). In other words, education can be......

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International Organizations-Un

...* * * * * * * * INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS AS AN EXAMPLE; UNITED NATIONS Its goal and efforts * * * * * What are the international Organisations? International organisations ‘represent the apex of a pyramid of multilateral diplomacy. At the base of this pyramid are the issues suitable for negotiation. Above this is the process of negotiation in which states agree norms or rules, and only in certain cases does this process of negotiation create the appropriate organisation or institutions’ (Imber, 1992). One can classify these organisations into various categories concerning of their functions. Such as: a) International financial institutions b) Commodity cartels c) World trade d) Sustainable economic development e) Food security f) Human rights g) The environment h) Regional organisations i) Health j) Emergency/disaster relief k) Security These organisations can be listed as Inter-governmental and non-governmental organisation too. * Theory and International Organizations One tries to establish a theory which aims to explain international organisations. His theory bases on ‘a principal-agent (P-A) model of international organization in which groups of member governments sometimes empower their IO agents with real decision-making authority. …7 Member governments (making up the principal) hire an IO (agent) to perform some functions that......

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International Students in Us Colleges

...Relevant Literature Rawling, M. & Sue, E. Preparedness of Chinese students for American culture and communicating in English. * Focus groups with eight Chinese students studying in America to measure the expectations and perceived realities of their experiences. * Chinese students are unprepared for American culture and language by their classes in China. * When students experience or perceive discrimination as a result of their culture or limited English proficiency, they are less likely to engage with other members of the community. * More engagement and public efforts to address stereotyping and decrease discrimination. * Suggestion: addressing popular culture portrayals of Asians and Asian Americans * “Students may feel uncertain about how to respond to or conduct themselves in various situations, causing them to feel inadequate, misunderstood, and dejected” (Rawling & Sue, p. 31). * Suggestion: Mentorship or “buddy” program – pairing American students with Chinese students to give them a resource in navigating cultural situations. * International students feel more homesick, but students that interact with others at their host institution feel less homesick. * Zhang & Xu (2007) reported that Chinese students were not accustomed to receiving syllabi for courses and did not utilize them to gain important course information. * Suggestion: Stress importance of reading syllabi and asking questions,......

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The Consumers International Organization

...ABSTRACT Consumers International is charged globally with protecting every consumer in the world form unfair business practices. They are comprised of over 220 organizations in over 115 countries throughout the world. The Consumers International is dedicated to attaining a world where everyone has access to safe and sustainable goods and services. This basic concept is felt throughout their website and publications as they seem to keep their mission in the forefront of all they do. Consumers International endorse and share information on programs like recycling an renewable energy in an attempt to help nations preserve their environment. Consumers International is a non-profit organization based out of the United Kingdom and is considered to be the world federation of consumer groups. Founded in 1960 they have been fighting for a fair, safe and sustainable future for all consumers in a global marketplace. Consumers International is comprised of over 220 organizations in over 115 countries throughout the world. Their mission statement is “CI is working to put the rights of consumers at the heart of decision-making. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to safe and sustainable goods and services, and where the strength of our collective power is used for the good of consumers throughout the world.” They are backed by eight principles that guide and inspire the work they do, those values are: • The right to satisfaction of basic needs • The......

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International Students in Canada

...International Students TARGET MARKET: Educational institutions including universities, private and community colleges and language schools: The third target market of the WCC program will be the educational institutions including universities, private and community colleges and language schools. Since rapidly increasing number of students with similar skills and educational backgrounds are entering to the Canadian labour market, soft skills became the main differentiating component for the job seekers. “Because companies are becoming more process and system driven and because job competition has increased at all levels, there has never been a time when soft skills offer more value to the market than they do today”. According to Smith “It’s often said that hard skills will get you an interview but you need soft skills to get and keep the job. It’s no longer enough to be an expert in a field of knowledge. Competition is fierce; it’s the soft skills that make individuals stand out. Soft skills aren’t just important in the obvious positions that deal with customers. They are important for every person in an organization”. As well, Canadian employers across all sectors emphasise the significance of culture-based soft skills and professional communication regardless of the individual’s qualifications and education. In today’s rapidly changing global economy it is evident that the educational institutions are responsible for providing a comprehensive learning while......

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Organization of International Business

...Organization of International Business Organizational architecture—(organization structure, control systems, incentives, processes, organizational culture and people) Organizational Structure • Organizational structure has three dimensions: 1. Vertical differentiation - determines where decision-making power is concentrated within a structure 2. Horizontal differentiation - the formal division of the organization into sub-units 3. The establishment of integrating mechanisms - the mechanisms for coordinating sub-units Vertical Differentiation: Centralization • Facilitates coordination of activities Eg. A firm has a component manufacturing operation in Taiwan and an assembly operation in Mexico • Ensure decisions consistent with organization’s objectives • Allows top-level managers to bring about organizational change • Avoids duplication of activities Eg. Many international firms centralize their R&D functions into one or two locations to ensure the R&D work are not duplicated. Decentralization • Takes advantage of local information, which may result in better and faster decisions • Can motivate employees • Relieves top management • Can increase control in self-contained subunits • It can be worthwhile to centralize some decisions and decentralize others, e.g., centralizing control over core competencies while decentralizing operating decisions Horizontal Differentiation: The Design Of......

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International Student

...[pic] TOPIC: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ ATTITUDES ABOUT HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE UK Student: Pham Trang Huyen My Student ID: 77142444 10 weeks Pre-sessional course December, 2013 List of content Abstract 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Literature review 5 2.1. Higher Education in the UK 5 2.2. Teacher-student relationships and the quality of teaching 5 2.3. Different learning styles 6 2.4. Group work 7 2.5. Financial issues 8 3. Methodology 9 4. Results 10 5. Discussion 14 6. Conclusion 16 List of References 17 Appendix 19 Abstract Higher education is a competitive business which produces huge benefits for the UK economy. This paper reveals international students’ attitudes about UK higher education and focuses on direct factors which can affect students’ opinions. Reports of international students’ attitudes already carried out in Leeds Metropolitan University are analyzed and the main findings are emphasized. A total of eighteen international students interviewed provided data on their experience in UK education that involves the challenges they have faced and what they have achieved. The project concludes that not only UK tuition fees but also the quality of education can affect international students’ decision to study in the UK. Therefore measures should be taken......

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How Might Tqm and Iso Be Used to Improve an Organization?

...TQM and ISO be used to improve an organization? Proper implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) can provide an organization with the ability to improve its effectiveness, competitiveness, efficiency, and flexibility in order to best suit the needs of its customers. TQM is considered one of the lean manufacturing methods. The organization can use less man power to make a product, less cost and less waste. Employee involvement figures heavily in the success of TQM. If you have employees that want increased responsibility within the company, TQM provides employees with the opportunity to get involved, because they are each responsible for a key component of the overall process. It is also a great way to boost employee morale because they each feel a sense of pride in their role. ISO can improve an organization’s quality management. ISO 9001-2008 has eight sections that auditors use to assess an organization's quality management system. Sections 4 through 8 compose the "Requirements" portion of the standard. 1. Introduction 2. Scope 3. Terms and definitions 4. Quality management system 5. Management responsibility 6. Resource management 7. Product realization 8. Measurement, analysis and improvement The strategic tools and guidelines implemented through International Organization for Standardization (ISO) can improve an organization by tackling some of the most demanding challenges of modern business. The use of ISO can aid...

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Role of International Organization in Trade

...Role of International Organization in Trade Contents Role of International Organization in Trade 2 Introduction 3 1- European Union 3 Introduction 3 European Union law 4 Role of European Union in international trade 5 European Union and the Maldives 6 2- Internal Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 6 Introduction 6 • Arbitration: 6 • Pre-arbitral Referee: 7 • Appointing Authority 7 • ICC ADR 7 • ICC Dispute Board Rules 7 • ICC International Centre for Expertise 7 • ICC International Centre for Expertise: 8 Role of International Chamber of Commerce in International Trade 8 Maldives and International Chamber of Commerce 8 3- United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNICITRAL) 8 The Role and Mandate of UNCITRAL 9 Legislative and Non-Legislative texts 9 Legislative text 9 Coordinating the work of other similar organizations 10 UNCITRAL role in International Trade 10 UNCITRA and Maldives 10 4- Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) 11 AIM 11 The work of the OECD 11 OECD and International Trade 11 • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 12 OECD and Maldives 12 References 13 Role of International Organization in Trade Introduction Every nation in the world participates in international trade to some extent. And practically every product is either traded or relies on components from international suppliers. Trade is not just about physical goods, though. Knowledge and experience can be bought and sold......

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Perceived Value for International Students

... Edited the topic student wanted I come up with an appropriate topic PERCEVED VALUE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: CASE STUDY, APPROACH OF PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUITION. Name: Institution: Remember questionnaire I did re write it whole Abstract The international students’ enrolment in Malaysian private higher education institutions acts as a major contributor to the national economic ability of the higher education institutions. Consequently, this has led to the rise of several studies concerning international students on many aspects, including their perceptions, living experiences, and their behaviors towards the renowned values of the choice of their private higher education institution in Malaysia. In this context, there are very few studies that have looked into international students’ overall satisfaction with their experiences in private higher education institutions. This study is committed to investigate the factors affecting decision making of international students in choosing Malaysian private higher education institutions as a study destination for their postgraduate studies. Sampling chosen for this research are international students currently studying at XX College, one of the leading private higher education institutions in Malaysia. This study contains a theoretical......

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International Accreditation Organization

...IAO - International Accreditation Organization Category: World References IAO - International Accreditation Organization   The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.    IAO's International Accreditation represents an education provider's commitment to delivering quality which is on a par with the global standards. It assures the stakeholders that their degrees& credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad. The score that an education provider gets under the Points Profile System of IAO gives a competitive edge over all regional and international educational institutes, universities and schools.    IAO Accreditation is conferred by rigorously evaluating all applicant institutions, their individual schools and programs through the unique patented evaluation process based on the best global practices in working-adult education. The thorough examination of an applicant's management, quality of education, processes and methods ensure all accredited institutions meet IAO's global quality standards. For the benefit of working adults pursuing higher education the IAO further builds relationships with all accredited institutions to......

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International Management Interview an International Student

...corruption. Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India is suffering various environmental problems. India’s territory is rich in wildlife, hosting exotic and unique animals and plants. However, many of these species are in danger with the expansion of polluting industries. Ankit says that although environmental laws have been passed as to regulate factories, most of these laws are ignored. He adds that corruption has a lot to do with what happens at the factories, and that a check can be the solution for everything. All in all, it was extremely interesting to interview Ankit. We are roommates and teammates, but this assignment definitely helped me to understand his lifestyle and points of view. Being both of us international students it was fun sharing our experiences and finding out we went through the same experiences....

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International Environmental Organization

...Mid-Term paper.             INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION WORKS ON FRESH WATER                     Outline   1. Summary   2. Introduction of Fresh Water   2-1. Fresh Water Resources   2-2. Fresh Water and Public Health   2-3. Fresh Water Pollution   3. UN-Water   3-1. Governance and Organization of UN-Water   3-2. Programmes of UN-Water   4. References                             Summary   We have finite resources. But world’s population numbered 6.1 billion in 2000 and it is currently increasing at a rate of 77 million per year. By 2025, the estimated total world population will be 7.9 billion. More people means that more consumption. More consumption means that more resources. Again we have finite resources. One of the precious resources is fresh water. Fresh water is key to sustainable development for both economic activity and social role. Without water supply human health fails, food production declines, the natural environment suffers. Freshwater is an important determinant of patterns of economic growth and social development. But due to increasing world population (more consumption), fresh 97water resource is dramatically falling to down. Due to scarcity of fresh water, 500 million people suffering water stress. It will be increase to two-thirds of the world population subjected to moderate to high level water stress in 2025. Also it is very important to improving both quality and quantity of available water......

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The Organization of International Business

...Chapter 15 The Organization of International Business Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one. – Chinese proverb Opening Photo Objectives • Profile the evolving process of organizing a company for international business • Describe the features of classical structures • Describe the features of neoclassical structures • Discuss the systems used to coordinate and control international activities • Profile the role and characteristics of organizational culture CASE: Building an Organization at Johnson & Johnson The typical pharmaceutical company relies on global integration, given its steep product development costs and potential scale economies. Meanwhile, it must respond to local market conditions, obtaining government approval for each product in each country and establishing local sales and distribution systems. Consequently, headquarters and subsidiaries jointly implement the company’s strategy. Building an organization that can meet this mission is tough. One standout that does is Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Since the start of its U.S. operations in 1886, J&J has evolved into the most broadly based health-care company in the world. International activity began in 1919 with J&J Canada. Headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, J&J lists 250 operating companies across the world, holds more than 54,000 U.S. and foreign patents, sells products in more than 175 countries, and employs about 115,000 people worldwide, with...

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