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Is It Price a Key Factor That Determined by Customers in Buying Car?

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Nor Hazirah Jaya Mara
Faculty of Business Management,
Universiti Teknologi MARA Kelantan

A consumer is the ultimate user of a product or service. Consumer behavior essentially refers to how and why people make the purchase decisions they do. Marketers strive to understand this behavior so they can better formulate appropriate marketing stimuli that will result in increased sales and brand loyalty. There are a vast number of goods available for purchase, but consumers tend to attribute this volume to the industrial world's massive production capacity. Rather, the giant known as the marketing profession is responsible for the variety of goods on the market. The science of evaluating and influencing consumer behavior is foremost in determining which marketing efforts will be used and when.
Consumers adjust purchasing behavior based on their individual needs and interpersonal factors. In order to understand these influences, the previous researchers try to ascertain what happens inside consumers' minds and to identify physical and social exterior influences on purchase decisions.
On some levels, consumer choice can appear to be quite random. However, each decision that is made has some meaning behind it, even if that choice does not always appear to be rational. Purchase decisions depend on personal emotions, social situations, goals, and values. People buy to satisfy all types of needs, not just for utilitarian purposes. These needs, as identified by Abraham…...

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