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Internet: Bringing the World Together

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The Internet today is the global platform of information infrastructure. It has a very detailed history and has been evolving ever since it first began… making a great impact on us in many aspects - technological, organizational, educational, economic, political, social, and moral (both intra-personal and inter-personal) environments.

According to The Internet Society organization, the predecessor to the modern Internet is a packet switching technique called THE ARPANET which was founded by a team of visionary minds at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) lead by the program manager and office director the scientist Lawrence Roberts. The initial ARPANET gradually matured into the “Internet” we use today (Brief History of the Internet, 2013) .

The development and growth of the Internet has had a great impact on the economy. Banks have made tremendous changes to the operational and corporative sector and interactions with consumers. Most of the banks across the globe have developed online banking portals where clients can manage their accounts from home. The Internet offers the potential for safe, convenient new ways to shop for financial services and conduct banking business, any day, any time(Safe Internet Banking, 2013). Amazon .com has been a major factor in the internet shopping revolution. Websites such as,,,, and are some of the most popular comparison shopping sites. Websites such as offer services like ordering and sending flowers, cakes, grocery and other gifts. Every month, 1,766,463 unique visitors visit, each of whom come back to the site 1.5 times. According to Site Trail, has the potential to earn $105,154 USD in advertisement revenue per year. If the site was up for sale, it would be worth approximately $189,277 USD (, n.d.).…...

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