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International Wine Market

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A justification for your choice of international market. The justification should employ specific data from research conducted.
Justification of Wine in China

The wine market in China is growing at an expediential rate. According to Wine into China wine market report for 2011-2012 (2012), the annual growth for the wine industry in China exceeds 10%, while the global wine industry is around 1%. Large amounts of increase in the conception of wine in China have lead to the government establishing the country’s first wine exchange. The Chinese are drinking wine with meals on a daily basis, which is a recent trend in the market place. With the high increase in demand would lead to the belief that marketing in this segment will help in the growth of Kudler Fine Foods. The market place is becoming increasingly sophisticated in their desire for finer wines (Chinese wine investment market proving 'increasingly sophisticated, 2012). Having an increased demand and growing trend in the marketplace for the product means there is a large opportunity for growth and higher revenues. If Kudler Fine Foods markets effectively the ability to enter the current marketplace will help with the revenue goals and objective of the company. Marketing the Kudler Fine Food’s wine in Supermarkets and restaurant should be the initial focus to entering the market. According to Supermarket becomes a mainstream of wine selling (2012), “It is said wine sales of supermarket shares 30% of the total sales in China. Comparing to the average 70% of many other countries, China has great potential in growing the market.”


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