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Impact of Technology on Canadian Lives. Ecenomic and Social Perspective

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Impact of technology on Canadian lives: the Economic and Social Perspectives

Myles Anda
July 26th, 2011
Challenge and Changes in Society
Mr. Cicchetti In the words of one of the greatest scientist in the world, Albert Einstein, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our own humanity.” Human beings all around the world, specifically in Canada, have completely incorporated the monumental world of technology into their lives by using it on a daily bases to improve their quality of life in ways not even imaginable many years ago. In particular, the social climate of Canadian education has been greatly revolutionized by technological advances in the forms of computers and networking devices. In addition, technology has revamped Canada’s economy by creating profit for consumers due to high supply and demand offers from technological corporation’s creations and consumers spending all across the country. Technology has also greatly impacted the social communications and interactions people share with one another to new extremities, forever altering the world of communication as society once knew it.

Computers and the Internet technology have revolutionized the field of education in Canada immensely. Advances in technology have striking effects in the way classes are instructed; for instance, the typical school classroom has became quite dynamic, where information is more accessible through more miscellaneous types of media and the amount of information one could find is also seemingly colossal. The time in retrieving this information has also became insignificant, what would have taken a person hours or even days to find decades ago could now be found in a click of a button. Traditional chalk boards and black boards in provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have now progressed into digital projectors; a physical library has even turned to a virtual library, where endless resources are now available for students to research. Finding and retrieving of information became easier than ever, as it is evident that in today’s society, computer education is a part of school and college curriculum. Living in the technological era emphasizes new and advanced technology to be taught to children at a young age so they will have the ability to work with these technical instruments in producing their work and assignments in an efficient and organized manner. The inevitable fact about technology is that it is taking over the educational world; therefore, it is important for students to be taught the basics of technological advances at a young age so they may one day design the future of technology as humanity knows it.

The elevated demand for enhanced technology has been a positive enforcement on the Canadian economy, causing a beneficiary to all provinces across the country. Technology is enabling businesses to better manage everything from employees to inventories. In addition, it is helping eliminate unnecessary production processes, speeding the delivery of goods to market, compelling businesses to keep prices low and, most important, enabling companies to better meet individual customers' needs. The more consistent demands ordered from the consumers result in mass productions which generate more revenue being brought in. Therefore, a surplus in profits for the corporations will be evident, resulting in the stock markets to sky rocket. The main goal in growing industries is to supply the production of new technology at an affordable cost for the working class. This results in the worldwide spread of technology as more and more people are able to own their own piece of unique technology, whether it be a fancy new iPhone or a new and improved iPad. As society grows in population, so does the demand for new and improved technology. The economy is truly being constantly generated with the new innovated gadgets changing the lives of many Canadians for the better.

The Internet and technology across Canada has significantly changed the way that people socially interact with one another. Peer networking sites and instant messaging brings people geographically removed from one another into each other’s lives more casually, making it a daily interactive stream. Technology allows those interactions to occur more frequently, allows a person to stay updated about their friends and families lives constantly which creates stronger bonds between them. There may be one confliction of living in the technology era however, since there is the potential that people may rely too heavily on these technologies, almost like a pair of crutches, rather than engaging people in the more traditional ways of social get-togethers in the real world. However, the instant nature of email, social media networks and video chat programs allow people from all over the world to stay in constant contact with each other. Through the use of these websites and computer programs it allows technology to have a major impact on various social interactions and may very well be the future of social interactions between the majorities of all Canadians alike.

Technology is bound to rule our present and our future. This is an escapable fact that we need to face. It has ruled over different facets of our life and influenced the way we live. Whether it be in the form of revolutionizing the way education is taught through technical advances, creating supply and demand revenue to boost the economy, or even revolutionizing the way social interacting between people are communicated in today’s society, technology is an essential way of life for Canadians across all provinces. Technology has allowed man to move from manual labour of the fields to cities and machines. In addition, technology has spawned the growth of modern society but it is also now used to control the population, in a way the Roman Caesars could only have dreamed of.…...

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