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“Human Resource* Is the Most Important Asset of an Organisation.”

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Human resource can be defined as to make use of talents and abilities of each employee to meet the operational objective that are the ultimate aim of the organisation. Along with this, the practice also seeks to ensure that individual employees are satisfied with both their working environment and the compensation and benefits that they receive from their organisation.

In my opinion, human resource can be said to be the most important asset of all organisation. This is because each and every individual employee in an organisation have different set of experience and knowledge which could be of use for the company. As per stated by K.Aswathappa (2005), they are the people that staff and manage organisation. This is also why we often hear company saying “Our employee are our most important asset”.

Employees are definitely important because they help an organisation to grow. We know that each individual certainly have a specific area which they specialise in, be it in human resource, accounting, sales or an operations staff. Each individual employee will have to perform at the specific department which they specialise in and this keeps the company operating to higher scales as everyone makes up an organisation.

Other than that, human resource management also plays an important role in employing the right person to work for the organisation. They are the department that is responsible for selection and recruitment of the company asset. This role often have to have to source for the best talent, to match the right person for the right job and ensure that the right candidate have been hired for the correct position and job scope in the company.

There are 2 areas which human resource management have to look into, which is the need to retain talent and also ways to attract new talent. Organisation will have to look into the attractive salary package or employee…...

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