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Week 2 CheckPoint
The four external factors are economic, sociological, political and professional, and technological. The economic factor centers on the funding and financial part, which is very important in an organization. Sociological factor emphasizes on the affected group, and their needs. The political and professional factor fixates on the laws and regulations from the state, federal, etc. They also focus on other organizations in the community. The technological factor concentrates on the understanding of the newest technology. Staying informed about all the updated equipment (i.e. being aware of computer updates, hardware, and software.)
The six internal factors are vision, beliefs, mission, culture, goals, and products. Vision is the goals or successes of the organization. The mission is your general purpose for the organization. How do you want to help the targeted group? The beliefs are the values that stimulate the organization to accomplish the set goals. Culture is the values and thoughts that designate how you will complete the vision you have for your organization. The goals are the plan or idea you have in store for the organizations. It may be long term or short term. Last but not least are products. This is the service presented to reach the goals of the organization.
I feel the greatest, influential factors to have would be the political and professional factor and setting goals for your organization. Knowing the ins and outs of the laws and regulations will better assist you on how you can help those who need it. It can lead you in the right direction to getting their needs met without having much conflict. Also, setting goals for your organization will assure the vision is going to be met. It will motivate others to reach the set goals. All of these factors are extremely important to have a successful organization.…...

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