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Human resource or People management is viewed as an evergreen industry. It has been growing over the last decade and has undergone major changes. HR, now more than an administrative role, is now considered as a critical part of an organization’s strategy and function in enhancing business growth. As companies are becoming aware of the importance of people management and the importance of searching, hiring and retaining the best talent, hence the need for HR specialists is gaining attention and popularity among the corporate (Prospects UK)
HR industry encompasses the private & public sectors, manufacturing and the voluntary sectors. The professional body which overlooks the HR profession function in UK is Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). On 1st July 2000, Institute of Personnel and Development replaced Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. CIPD is the professional body for those involved in the people management profession and helps in the management and development of people.
CIPD Mission Statement
• to lead in the development and promotion of good practice in the field of the management and development of people, for application both by professional members and by their organizational colleagues
• to serve the professional interests of members
• to uphold the highest ideals in the management and development of people
Source: CIPD
The CIPD has designed a framework consisting of various qualifications and standards at several levels pertaining to HR personnel; and its membership at different levels is coupled with the achievements of qualifications and excellent performance. They are summarized briefly in the next section.

CIPD provides memberships at Non-chartered and Chartered Levels:
Non Chartered Grades
1. Affiliate
2. Graduate
3. Associate
Chartered grades of membership
1. Chartered Member (Chartered…...

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