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Hp Company Project

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Table of Contents
At a glance 2
Company Overview 3
SWOT Analysis 4
Entry Strategies 6
Entry Restrictions8
Political and Cultural Values................................................................................15
Economical Conditions..........................................................................................16
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivational and Hygienic Factors..............................17
CSR Programs.......................................................................................................18
Marketing MIX......................................................................................................20
IMC Campaign......................................................................................................28
Contingency Strategies..........................................................................................29

Name: Hewlett-Packard Company
Type: Public
Traded as: NYSE: HPQ S&P 500 Components
Industry: Computer hardware Computer software IT services IT consulting
Founded: January 1, 1939
Founder(s): Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, United States
Area served: Worldwide
Key people: Ralph Whitworth (Interim Chairman) Meg Whitman (President and CEO) Revenue: US$ 112.298 billion (2013)
Operating income: US$ 7.131 billion (2013)
Net income: US$ 5.113 billion (2013)
Total assets: US$ 105.676 billion (2013)
Total equity: US$ 27.269 billion (2013)
Employees: 331,800 (2013)
Divisions: Financing, Hardware, Services, Software

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