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How China Reshape It Car Design

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How China's Dirty Cities Are Reshaping Car Design Across World

For global automakers, China is becoming the new California.
The U.S. state grabbed the lead a few years ago in establishing fuel-efficiency standards to clean up urban smog. Now, as China struggles with its air-pollution crisis, Beijing increasingly influences the models and technology Detroit, Europe and Japan sell around the world.
In response to government rules and incentives that have spurred electric-car sales in China, automakers are beefing up their global electric-vehicle and plug-in offerings. General Motors Co. plans to make a plug-in hybrid version of every Cadillac model. Ford Motor Co. has budgeted $4.5 billion to develop 13 new EVs and plug-in hybrids by 2020, and China is a big reason for both automakers. Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz is selling five plug-ins in China, two of which also sell in the U.S. Similarly, BMW AG is engineering plug-in hybrids it sells worldwide to meet China’s electric-drive mandates.

“Originally we started with California rules, so the starting point for us was clearly the U.S.,” said Klaus Froehlich, BMW’s global head of product development. “Now, China is a key market. It is very important and the regulations are quite difficult.”
Decisions made in Beijing already are affecting cars people drive in Dallas and Los Angeles. That’s because automakers tend to design new models to sell in multiple regions -- and China is the world’s largest auto market. GM engineered its new Chevrolet Bolt electric car for global sales, including in China. Even though the company has so far announced plans only for the U.S., “we did plan for more than just the U.S.,” Pam Fletcher, GM’s chief engineer for electric vehicles, said in an interview at the CES electronics show, where GM unveiled the Bolt. "The Chinese government is very interested in EVs.”
Global Tweak
Even gasoline…...

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