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Principles of Management
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I do not think it is illegal. There is different laws in each state about hiring and firing people like how Pennsylvania is an at will state. I do not think it is discrimination because even though the moral of it isn’t right but being to heavy is not a protected group. I feel like these girls know what standards they signed up for. As they knew what job they were applying for and knew what they were doing. I don’t know but if they signed a contract to become an employee is it in the contract that they have to hold themselves to the standard that they have in place. I also don’t think its discrimination because it also doesn’t point out if they are a certain race, their height might be a factor but there is one under 5 foot and one over 5 foot. I think the look of a Hooter girl is BFOQ because its what almost everyone thinks about when they hear Hooters. I think it’s the main thing that draws in most of their customers, which are mainly guys. This is a majority of their profit and if they didn’t have the standards that they do they would lose money that’s why I think it is. I believe all the servers at each restaurant's know what they have to look like when they start working there. This would be understanding because it is one main thing if not the main thing in all there stores. I do not think a company should be able to in my opinion but I do not think that hooters are breaking the law here. If one is having a baby and can not get back to her pre baby weight I believe it is not legal to fire her because of it. I think this because she is in a protected group. She would be able to take legal actions against her employer.…...

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