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Hitler's Daughter Is Based Around the Idea of Conflict. Discuss.

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The book ‘Hitler’s Daughter’ written by Jackie French is based around the idea of conflict. The story started with conflict at a bus shelter with a group of young children. Mark was included in this group and was one of the main characters to fuel more of it. There was then more conflict, which Anna had created between Hitler and his daughter, Heidi. All the characters had been exposed to conflict in some form throughout the novel. Conflict is a disagreement or argument about something important.
Mark creates many disagreements with the people surrounding him, which contributed more conflict throughout the story. Mark would always cause an argument at home with his family by asking questions at unnecessary times. The following extract illustrates that Mark was always overloading his parents with pointless questions. “You choose the worst times to ask questions.” (Page 21) Mark also causes conflict with his schoolteacher, Mr. McDonald by asking too many questions. “…Maybe I’d been asking too many questions lately…”(Page 73) This shows that Mark makes people feel nervous when he is constantly quizzing them because they feel they can not provide him with the right answers.
All through the novel, conflict is established every morning when a group of students, including Mark, Anna, Ben and Tracey meet at a bus shelter. They began an argument by yelling at one another and making rude comments about the story Anna was telling. “‘BLERK!‘ Snorted Ben rudely.”(Page 6) This gives you an idea about how they do not respect other people’s opinions. ’‘Who cares!’ said Ben.” (Page 7) “‘Oh for Pete’s sake, what does it matter?”(Page 8) The children are also continually interrupting each other. “‘No of not. But…’ ‘They are too real’ interrupted little Tracey” (Page 7) The above evidence from the text clearly demonstrates that conflict is everywhere in the book.
The relationship between Heidi and her father, Hitler contains a fair amount of conflict. Hitler wanted a perfect race, with people that were tall, blonde and blue eyed. However, Heidi did not fit that part. “…she had a birth mark…a great red blotch across her face. And one of her legs was shorter than the other, so she limped…” (Page 11) This shows that Heidi was different and did not fulfill her father’s wishes. Hitler also gave her dolls which were what he wanted her to look like. “She left the dolls…” (Page 114) Heidi left them because she was depressed because she did not look like everyone else. There is more conflict between the two when Heidi was not allowed to call him dad. She was only able to identify him as Duffi. “ ‘Who’s Duffi?’ demanded Ben. ‘Hitler…” (Page 9) This demonstrates that Heidi and her father did not have a close relationship due to all the conflict happening around them.
There is clearly enough evidence that Hitler’s daughter is based around the idea of conflict. It was a main theme of the novel and happens in all locations such as the bus stop, in the home, at school and even throughout the story Anna told. There is conflict frequently happening in a wide variety of places and even between family members. Conflict surrounds us and Jackie French has truly captured every type of it, no matter how large or how small and has put it into a magnificent masterpiece.…...

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