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Dear Manager,
I have received your email regarding your new branch office, and I may be of some help to you. There are many ways to secure the workstations in your branch, the three best ways to secure your workstations I will suggest are: passwords, smart cards, and biometrics, I will describe each individually and let you decide which is best for your branch, also I will explain the firewall software that comes with Windows 7.
The first type of security I will discuss is the most common but least effective if the proper measurements aren’t taken and I am talking about passwords. This would be the cheapsest way to go due to the fact that security via password you wont need any additional hardware or software. If you were to choose to go this route here are some tips to ensure the protection of your company and its interests. Make sure that your password is seven characters or more, also do make sure to have a mixture of not only letters and numbers but upper and lowercase letters, this will make it pretty difficult for an attacker to “crack your password”. In addition make sure to keep it fresh and change your password every couple of months or so. Windows 7 now supports a plethora of group policy settings to ensure your systems security, but do know that your employees are responsible for their own passwords. To do this you will have to go to the control panel in the start menu and choose the systems and security tab then click administrative tools, from here choose the local security policy. When you get here you will be able to decide what makes an acceptable password, some of these options consist of: Minimum/Maximum Password age which says how long a password may be used before Windows 7 asks for a new password, also Minimum password length which is self explanatory, Password complexity which will ensure that the password is more than seven characters…...

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