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1) Hemmingway’s attitude toward Robert Cohn is somewhat of a suspicious and detached one. In the piece Hemmingway says, “ I always had a suspicion that perhaps Robert Cohn had never been middleweight boxing champion..” which tells me that he didn’t believe the man, and when Hemmingway says, “ At the military school where he prepped for Princeton, and played a very good end on the football team, no one had made him race-conscious.” It seems like he is just telling us the facts about Cohn and no personal thoughts or opinions.
2) An example of “vigorous English” in this excerpt is when Hemmingway says, “her departure was a very healthful shock." When I imagine someone reading this piece out loud I think that this part would be said with much feeling.
3) In this excerpt, Hemmingway is mainly focused on whether or not Cohn was a middleweight boxing champion and he also mentions that Cohn was a good football player even though we could have done without that information, this represents Hemmingway’s love for sports.
4) The sentence, “As he had been thinking for months about leaving his wife and had not done it because it would be too cruel to deprive her of himself, her departure was a very healthful shock." shows the “stream of consciousness” writing that influenced Hemmingway combined with his own style. In the sentence, it says that Cohn had been thinking of leaving his wife and that it was a healthful shock, but it still has a way of seeming like fact also.
5) The mood of this excerpt is slightly depressing, and I believe that this story will end in a negative way for Robert…...

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