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Hcs Wk 1 Roles

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Roles and Functions Essay
Iesha Sims
Professor Elizabeth Donovan

When working in health care there are many different situations that may be difficult and those difficult task can occur during anytime. The times where there are difficult challenges managers should know how to remain professional during the times of changes that may occur, demands that may be made, and the highest expectations that may be required of them. A manager is a person that has a leadership role but always performs over and beyond the normal person that has leadership qualities. There are different areas that a manager should focus on and function as and those are planning, organizing, controlling, and most of all leading. Planning requires a process of mapping out the best way to complete the task correctly. Organizing requires a process putting thing’s in order to have thing’s completed without disruptions. It involves coordinating. Controlling involves getting those that the person manages together to make changes and to monitor how the task are performed by each individual. Leading is the most important of all elements to managing. It involves encouraging words to your work team to ensure that all task or goals can be met. There are much more roles and functions to being a good manager but those listed could be a great start when leading. Managers are responsible for many things such as work schedules, training, assigning different task, and bringing forward new ideas. The different focuses that mangers may encounter are seen in many workplace settings. The focuses could be quality and diversity. When in a leadership role it is a managers duty to aid in helping each staff member of the team to meet his or her full potential when completing workplace goals. The most important aspect that I would like to gain after taking this course would be to focus…...

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