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Harvey and Beard Comapny Case

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A personable, charismatic and efficient professional, who is able to bring an assortment of knowledge and skills to every area of a business. Richard has a track record of over achieving, and is someone who is deeply passionate about sales and marketing. He has the ability to understand big picture concepts and to dive into the detail needed to implement them. Possessing broad technical knowledge of the latest marketing methodologies, he is more than able to create customer focused win-win initiatives. Right now he is looking for a suitable position with a company where he will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive to break records and deliver excellence.

I possess a strong desire to build a career within your industry, and to be involved in running a successfully operation. I also feel that my expertise on products that I am selling coupled with my natural enthusiasm allows me to inspire customers to make a purchase. These points coupled with my proven ability to create a exciting buying experience have prepared me well for a position at your company.
My core strengths include, but are not limited to the following:  Having the ability to listen, establish relationships, gain consensus.
 Assisting with the administration of sales to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
 Monitoring sales performance, initiatives, in-store promotions, and other related activities.

 Building long term relationships with clients.
 Surpassing customer expectations.
 Experience of the B2B sales process.
 A high networking capability.
 Analysis of financial data and controlling costs and pricing.
 Selling to large commercial organisations.
 Persuasive communicator, articulate & numerate.
 Ability to understand and apply market intelligence to sales strategy.
 Able to analyse statistics and…...

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