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Cognos 8.4 Go! Dashboard Tool

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard is Web-based software that you can use to build
Sophisticated, interactive dashboards using IBM Cognos content, as well as other,
External data sources. It dynamically delivers rich, Adobe® Flash-based graphics for
Business users and executives to assemble personalized dashboards from trusted,
Consistent report-ready information. Non-IT, Business User’s way to represent the existing BI content in a Dynamic and visually appealing format.

Comparision With Cognos 8.3 Protlet Dashboard: This is different from the Dashboard portal that exists in Cognos 8.3. In Dashboard portal, user has to include the complete existing report in the portlets to create multipage reports whereas in GO! Dashboard user can select only the required report fragments (List/Chart etc) and create his customized dashboard from objects taken from different reports.

Features :

• Flash Based User Interface

• Personalized/Interactive Dashboards: Drag-and-drop interface lets you create dashboards on the fly, Enabling business users to self-assemble and customize their own dashboards leverages the existing BI content ( Report Studio and Metric Studio Reports)

• Client-side data capture gives you near-instant response times to repeated queries and layout changes. Tool will cache the data when run for the first time and will use this data for all operations as long as the query is same.

• Global Filters: All the portlets in the dashboard can be filtered using one global filter.


- Check Box:


1. This tool is mainly useful for business users for adhoc reports.. note the similarities with query studio (the way the Filter work, on the fly data display etc). 2. This tool is useful only if we are trying to reuse fragments from the existing…...

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